Catty School Board Caves. It’s Up To Us Now

Innovative Arts Academy brought its smoke and mirror show to the Catasauqua Area School Board last night. Amid the myriad of issues facing the embattled school board, its inexperienced, and ineffective principal Douglas Taylor spoke to the board and painted an illusion of stability and growth. It was a lie, make no mistake about it.




So now, it is up to us to rid the area of this embarrassment of a ‘learning institute.’ Protests, websites, billboards etc. Whatever it takes to open people’s eyes. Innovative Arts is a scam and the truth needs to be put on display for everyone to see.




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Catty Losing Patience With Innovative Arts


Anyone who is shocked that Innovative Arts Academy shouldn’t be. All one needs to do is take a look at the history of charter schools and the grizzled underbelly of this industry which is fueled strictly by profits and run by questionable characters. From the first day it was evident that this school was set up to make a quick buck for its investors and to fail within 24 months of its first day of classes. Controversies last summer aside, its clear Innovative Arts was staffed by less than capable teachers, administrators, and staff. The resumes and work experiences of past and current employees were nothing to write home about. Funding was an issue from the start and the sequence of events that led to IAA having to take a loan from its landlord is suspicious at best.

Now we come to a point where former employees are spilling the beans about the inner workings of Innovative Arts. Issues exist with student safety, curriculum, proper following of state guidelines, and enrollment have all been brought to the attention of the public and Catasauqua’s Board of Education. ┬áInnovative Arts had an opportunity for its administrators to attend a special meeting this past week and explain its side of the story, but declined, ostensibly on the advice of their legal council.

The Catty school board responded by sending a list of questions to the administrators, and formally requesting a response and appearance at a special meeting scheduled for late July. You see, the board members are, to a member, disgusted and amazed by the incompetence and greed that Innovative Arts has shown. They want answers, though none of them are really expecting the charter school’s board to show up. The majority of the board members are all of the opinion that Innovative Arts will not reopen in September anyhow. With that in mind, Catty’s primary concern could shift to financial issues in the coming weeks if the rumors about the school closing are true. Catasauqua does not want to be left on the hook for any money. If and when Innovative Arts collapses, every cent that Catty has put into the school in any form will be lost forever.

I had the opportunity to speak with some of the board members and they’re not hopeful, or optimistic. Off the record, they blame Kelly Bauer and Honest Abe for this entire mess and have contacted the state to recommend an investigation be launched very soon.

A sad situation which could’ve been avoided altogether if enough local people had opened their eyes and realized this was a scam from the beginning.

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Quick Note Concerning Innovative Arts Academy

Hi, everybody. As predicted, Innovative Arts is going down the toilet rapidly. I was at the meeting the other night and will post tomorrow about what I learned and what was discussed afterwards by some board members. To summarize…..Catty wants this school gone for good. I can’t blame them. It was destined to fail. A school which came about solely to generate profits. Thank you Kelly Bauer and Honest Abe.

Expect a detailed article tomorrow afternoon.




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Innovative Arts Academy Informs Parents School Will Close


I hate to say it, but I will anyway: I TOLD YOU SO. Innovative Arts Academy is nothing but a scam, offering no quality education for students, and just serving as a money trough for those who invested in it……like Honest Abe. The problems the school has had over the last 10 months are well documented. First it was the flyer debacle, then leadership changes, protests at the open house, declining membership and most recently, failure to comply with state requirements for special needs students.

So, in light of this, it should come as no surprise that Innovative Arts Academy has informed the parents of its dwindling student body that the school will be permanently closing next month and they need to seek new schools for their children next year.

Just like with most things Kelly Bauer gets her hands on, this one has turned to shit. King Midas in reverse.

So, for all the grief I received from the school’s supporters, who’s laughing now? I am. LMAO


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More Innovative Arts Woes


Hi everyone. I’m away until tomorrow but imagine my lack of surprise when I heard that Innovative Arts Academy is dealing with more issues. This one has to do with the lack of effort the school is putting towards special needs students…also known as retards. This time, ironically enough, it was the staff that blew the whistle, telling trustees and administrators that the needs of the children are not being met. Kelly Bauer, the proxy director of this disaster is trying to make a mole hill out of what is quickly becoming not a mountain, but a volcano.

I will be back Saturday and promise to discuss this impending disaster of a school in detail. But for now, just remember that back in August and September of last year…..

I told you all this would happen ­čÖé


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Innovative Arts Academy In Trouble, May Close Before The End Of The Year


I warned you all about Innovative Arts Academy. I told you it was nothing short of a scam by Honest Abe. Run by a board of incompetents and staffed by teachers of questionable quality, the beleaguered ‘school’ is now in serious trouble. Enrollment is dropping rapidly. A new principal coming on board has not presented a bona fide plan to stop the mass exodus of students. In September the enrollment stood at 283 students….still below the 300 to 250 in March. There’s now questions floating as to whether or not Innovative Arts has adhered to Pennsylvania’s Sunshine Act.

The new principal, Douglas Taylor is acting shady already. Aside from not coming to the job with a viable plan to turn the school around, Taylor refuses to answer questions about his age other than to say he’s ‘younger than most administrators.’ Not exactly a straight shooter.

Well, it looks like with Innovative Arts on life support the time has come for old Jim to start paying attention to this trainwreck once more.



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Refugees Headed For The Valley Turned Back. Victory!


Thank you, Mr.President for having the courage to begin securing our borders. It’s simple to understand, really, liberals. You lock your doors at night not because you hate the people outside, but because you love the people inside. Same thing goes for the US borders. They will be secured and a lot of refugees of questionable character will be denied admittance.

Deal with it. Stop whining and protesting and do something constructive for your country for a change.

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