Innovative Arts Academy Informs Parents School Will Close


I hate to say it, but I will anyway: I TOLD YOU SO. Innovative Arts Academy is nothing but a scam, offering no quality education for students, and just serving as a money trough for those who invested in it……like Honest Abe. The problems the school has had over the last 10 months are well documented. First it was the flyer debacle, then leadership changes, protests at the open house, declining membership and most recently, failure to comply with state requirements for special needs students.

So, in light of this, it should come as no surprise that Innovative Arts Academy has informed the parents of its dwindling student body that the school will be permanently closing next month and they need to seek new schools for their children next year.

Just like with most things Kelly Bauer gets her hands on, this one has turned to shit. King Midas in reverse.

So, for all the grief I received from the school’s supporters, who’s laughing now? I am. LMAO


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More Innovative Arts Woes


Hi everyone. I’m away until tomorrow but imagine my lack of surprise when I heard that Innovative Arts Academy is dealing with more issues. This one has to do with the lack of effort the school is putting towards special needs students…also known as retards. This time, ironically enough, it was the staff that blew the whistle, telling trustees and administrators that the needs of the children are not being met. Kelly Bauer, the proxy director of this disaster is trying to make a mole hill out of what is quickly becoming not a mountain, but a volcano.

I will be back Saturday and promise to discuss this impending disaster of a school in detail. But for now, just remember that back in August and September of last year…..

I told you all this would happen 🙂


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Innovative Arts Academy In Trouble, May Close Before The End Of The Year


I warned you all about Innovative Arts Academy. I told you it was nothing short of a scam by Honest Abe. Run by a board of incompetents and staffed by teachers of questionable quality, the beleaguered ‘school’ is now in serious trouble. Enrollment is dropping rapidly. A new principal coming on board has not presented a bona fide plan to stop the mass exodus of students. In September the enrollment stood at 283 students….still below the 300 to 250 in March. There’s now questions floating as to whether or not Innovative Arts has adhered to Pennsylvania’s Sunshine Act.

The new principal, Douglas Taylor is acting shady already. Aside from not coming to the job with a viable plan to turn the school around, Taylor refuses to answer questions about his age other than to say he’s ‘younger than most administrators.’ Not exactly a straight shooter.

Well, it looks like with Innovative Arts on life support the time has come for old Jim to start paying attention to this trainwreck once more.



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Refugees Headed For The Valley Turned Back. Victory!


Thank you, Mr.President for having the courage to begin securing our borders. It’s simple to understand, really, liberals. You lock your doors at night not because you hate the people outside, but because you love the people inside. Same thing goes for the US borders. They will be secured and a lot of refugees of questionable character will be denied admittance.

Deal with it. Stop whining and protesting and do something constructive for your country for a change.

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Welcome To Donald Trump’s America


The Trump Era has officially commenced. His call on all Americans to come together and make this nation great again is inspirational to say the least. So, unless you’re a welfare reliant mother of 30 kids in Easton, or a 22 year old homicidal Allentown thug, or a clueless Whitehall liberal, let’s get on board and make this nation great again!!

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Congratulations George Levendowski ’16 Secret Santa Winner


Congratulations to Mr.George Levendowski of Walnutport. He is the winner of Secret Santa ’16 and will be taking home a 2017 Porsche Panamera. Unfortunately, the 2017 Panameras are facing delays and the dealership estimates this particular car, already ordered and paid for, will arrive sometime in April. We will be setting up a little ceremony for George for that point.

George’s 200 word entry, along with some information about the contest results will be posted after New Years.

Again, congrats to George and I hope you are all having a good holiday season!



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Secret Santa ’16: The Panamera Christmas Rules & Regulations


I truly love this time of year and bestowing grand gifts upon my fellow Lehigh Valley citizens. The fact that this year’s gift is a $95,000 luxury automobile requires a contest to determine the winner. Fair is fair after all. So, without further preamble I will lay out the rules, requirements and regulations for Secret Santa ’16: The Panamera Christmas.

Contest Rules etc.

The contest is simple. Each person to enter must explain why the Lehigh Valley is a wonderful place to experience Christmas in 200 words or less. The entries will be read and judged by yours truly as well as two other judges whom I will select by the end of the week. Contestants will send their entries to no later than December 23, 2016. A winner will be announced on Christmas Day, 2016.

Since I bought the car, I will select the winner.  I’ll select the entry that moves me the most. If none of them do, there will be no winner. It is that simple.

Each person to submit an entry to the contest must be a legal resident of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and possess a valid PA drivers license. He or she must be above the age of 18.

This contest is open to all PA residents except for the mayor of Whitehall, all members of the Whitehall board of commissioners, Whitehall Police Department, Whitehall volunteer firemen, current employees and board members of the Innovative Arts Academy, Catasauqua, PA, employees of Abe Atiyeh’s companies, Kelly Bauer, Kyle and Michelle Kern and employees of the Whitehall-Coplay School District.


Good Luck To All!



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