November Storm Paralyzes The Valley


It came hard and fast (that’s what she said) and took the entire region by surprise. On Thursday morning the forecast was for some snow in the afternoon and early evening. A few inches at the most. Nothing that would disrupt traffic, or power, or life in general. After 12 noon the forecast started to change. Weather alerts went out on cellphones and tablets across the region. The snow had arrived and it was going to produce more snow than originally expected.

Yesterday afternoon and evening turned into a traffic nightmare. 78 and 22 were basically at a standstill. Trucks were jackknifed, and motorists couldn’t navigate their cars up the steep hills because of the slippery road conditions.  As has been the case in the past during some storms, Lehigh Valley roads became veritable parking lots for hours. Motorists were stranded, cars ran out of gas, and batteries died.  Things are better now, but for a long stretch of time it was the commute from hell.

PennDot was not ready for the storm. I can’t fault them. No one expected the storm to be so severe. The pre-treatment that was applied to the roads early Thursday morning didn’t help. By 12 noon the streets and highways were covered in snow anyway. Business let their employees out early, and so did a number of colleges, and schools. Essentially, everyone crammed onto the roads at the same time. The end result should’ve been obvious: Gridlock from hell.

Luckily, I worked from home yesterday. My job is in New Jersey and I didn’t want to chance driving home in bad weather. This was a smart move on my part it would seem. Whitehall was a mess from everything I saw and heard.

Yet somehow…..miraculously, our beloved Mayor Hozza’s street was plowed every two hours.  Executive privilege, I suppose.

Or corrupt abuse of power.


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Whitehall Area Food Review: Griddle 145


They say the third time is a charm. Maybe so, but certainly not when it comes to my relationship with Griddle 145. Last weekend I made my third trip to the restaurant in the hopes of finally having a good dining experience there. Quite frankly, I was beginning to think the problem was me. Most people I know sing the praises of Griddle 145. I have never been able to wrap my head around what is so fantastic about the place though. In my opinion, the food is bland, and the owners are smug liberals. The Asian wife is domineering, and insistent that her way is best. Her husband is a beta male, and judging by the interactions I’ve seen while there, probably a cuckold too.

I went over for breakfast and found the restaurant busy. I was seated but had to wait 20 minutes for the waitress to come over and take my order. Considering it was a Saturday morning and the place was extra busy, I didn’t hold it against her. After looking the menu over, I decided on the pumpkin pancakes. It was another 20 minutes before they came out. My first issue with the entrée was the fact that the pancakes came with no syrup. If a customer wants syrup, it will cost an extra $1.45. Talk about cheap bastards! Also, charging $1.45 was not witty, it was retarded.

But I could forgive this little faux pas if the food passed muster.

Unfortunately, it did not. The pancakes were bland. Even after caving in and getting some of their world famous $1.45 syrup it still tasted like cardboard. The coffee and accompanying orange juice were both chalky. The order of home fries can best be described as terrible. No flavor, or seasoning.

Talking to some of the other patrons I learned that the quality of the food has been going down in recent months. Apparently, the rumor is that the owners are having marital problems. Sherry Ho Eisenhard and her husband Taylor Eisenhard better seek counseling or something because pretty soon they might be out of business.

There are many better breakfast options around the area. Avoid this place like the plague.

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Whitehall Area Food Review: Grumpy’s BBQ


When many people in the Lehigh Valley think BBQ, Grumpy’s BBQ Roadhouse in North Whitehall (not Allentown) comes to mind instantly. It was the first BBQ restaurant to set up shop in the Valley, having opened in 2004. Even though Grumpy’s has been in the area for quite some time I never made it over there until last Friday. I had the pleasure of hearing many good things about the establishment from family and friends and was eager to check it out for myself.

Grumpy’s is located in an 1840s tavern  at the intersection of Mauch Chunk Rd and Orefield Rd. From the outside it is not much to look at. Truth be told, it comes across as dilapidated or abandoned. There is parking on the side and around back. Ample parking space, quite honestly. The interior was made up of a rustic dining area, and equally rustic bar. It looked and smelled like what you’d expect from a BBQ roadhouse. All things considered, Grumpy’s stayed true to its identity.

The menu consists of BBQ, every kind imaginable: Korean, Carolina, St. Louis New Orleans, Kansas, etc. For an appetizer I went with the Smoked Pork Belly with Asian Slaw. The Asian slaw was a citrusy concoction. Tasty enough, and worth trying again. The pork belly was cooked perfect: tender and juicy. It’s a fatty meat by nature and Grumpy’s prepared it without harming that quality one bit. I asked the server not to include the raspberry sauce and she happily complied. Sorry, I’m not into some of the Asian tastes. Raspberry and pork belly don’t seem to go hand in hand.

I went with the beef brisket burnt ends for my entree. Like the pork belly, Grumpy’s prepared and cooked them expertly. The meat simply melted in my mouth, bringing forth a rush of flavors. Burnt ends are the best part of the brisket, but if they’re not prepared right, they can be a disaster. Grumpy’s did it right. You can order two sides with your entrée. I went for the shaved brussel sprouts and baked beans. Both were winners. The baked beans had a unique taste and I highly recommend them. I did not bother to order dessert. By that time I was full.

The restaurant met my expectations. The servers were nice. The food was awesome and now I can understand why Grumpy’s has the following it does. I’ll definitely be coming back here again in the near future.

All in all, the food tour was off to a good start.

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Whitehall Area Food Tour Round 1 Schedule


Ok, here’s the list of restaurants to be visited, as well as the schedule, for the first round of the Whitehall Area Food Tour. I’m a little late posting this, but it couldn’t be helped.   So, here it is…..

November 2, 2018

Grumpy’s Bar-B-Que Roadhouse 3000 Mauch Chunk Ave North Whitehall

November 3, 2018

Griddle 145  1146 MacArthur Rd, Whitehall

Yocco’s Hot Dogs   1930 Catasauqua Rd, Allentown

November 5, 2018

Palace Pizza 3690 Leigh St #F, Whitehall

November 6, 2018

Samuel Owens Restaurant & Bar  128 Chestnut St, Coplay


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Whitehall Area Food Tour Begins Next Week


Admittedly, I’ve not been spending much time in the Valley over the past year or so. Since that’s changing now, I feel it is time to start exploring what’s new and different in the Whitehall area. Quite a lot has changed and that change is most evident in the selection of local eateries now available. Some are well-established, high quality places that have a loyal following. Others appear to be…..well, less than that, shall we say.

So, beginning next week I will be dining out for two of my three daily meals. Each restaurant I select will be reviewed at length. The good, bad, and the ugly will be revealed and talked about. And yes, Griddle 145 will be one of my choices. It’s been a while since I was last there and everyone seems to be singing its praises since I came back.

I’ll prepare a schedule and list over the weekend and post it. If anyone is interested in meeting up for a meal, let me know.



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Who Shot the Barber?


Who shot the barber? Whitehall police would like to know. So far, they have no clues and it doesn’t seem likely the shooter will be identified anytime soon. Here’s what the police do know: On Friday night somebody walked into the Good Fellas Barbershop at 927 N. Third Street and shot another male in the leg. Beyond that, the facts are non-existent. Either the victim doesn’t know who shot him or is keeping his mouth shut. I’m assuming the later since that particular area has become a ghetto of sorts. Police are also investigating reports of gunshots being fired in the area on Sept.24, but again, that section of town has become a miniature version of Allentown.

We talk a lot about how Allentown has been importing its problems north into Whitehall, Catty, and the surrounding areas. Incidents like this only serve to highlight the reality that Whitehall is no longer the quiet suburbia it once was. Shootings, drugs, violence, and other undesirable activities are becoming daily occurrences as the thugs from Allentown resettle in our community.

You can thank Mayor Hozza and the corrupt commissioners for that.

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Allentown Keeps Blowing Up


Hi Everybody!

It has been a while. Life gets busy and keeps us from doing the things we enjoy doing sometimes.  I have missed adding posts to my blog. Unfortunately, it has taken a tragic event in Allentown to motivate me into starting things up again.

So, a car exploded in Allentown on Saturday. Three people died. Sad, and perhaps even a crime. Hopefully, that will be figured out soon. To be fair, Allentown has had many explosions in the last few years. The city that Billy Joel once crooned about continues to fall apart. It has become a politically corrupt rat hole and the residents there are indifferent to everything going on around them. So be it.

If you want a look at what Whitehall is becoming, check out Allentown. The city is exporting its problems north and the quality of life in town has greatly diminished. I don’t live in Whitehall any longer, but I do have properties there. At least until next year when I break down and sell them. The quality of the people renting from me is just not acceptable.

So, as I get caught up with the goings-on in town, I’ll begin posting more. I’m sure the esteemed mayor is up to his usual shenanigans.

Does anyone know how that charter school in Catty is making out? I’m very surprised it’s still up and running.


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