What Brought This Movement To Life

Two realities have combined to bring the Citizens Against Commissioner Kern grassroots movement to life. The first is that Kern and his fellow Democrat commissioners are not putting Whitehall first in their decisions. The sad truth is that Whitehall missed the bus. As the Valley expanded, and absorbed a mass exodus of commuters from New York, New Jersey and the Philadelphia area, many towns in the region adjusted to welcome the new opportunities brought about. Especially townships in Northampton county like Palmer, Lower Saucon and in Lehigh County, South Whitehall and others. The Lehigh Valley has become divided between the Have and Have Not towns. Whitehall is now a Have Not town, thanks to Commissioner Kern and his colleagues. This town is governed by a group of people who can generously be called Old World. They see Whitehall as the town it was twenty or thirty years ago. A blue collar town catering strictly to people who have lived in Pennsylvania their entire lives. The infrastructure is obsolete, retail stores are leaving the 145 corridor in droves, there have been no new housing developments built in years and the population has not undergone an upgrade. Crime is on the increase, and the Old Boy provincial network is making sure Whitehall will never come into it’s own in the 21st Century.

Kern came to office promising to right many of these wrongs. He has not. Therefore, we feel he should be voted out next November.

Reason #2 speaks volumes about Kern’s character and integrity. Last month a man was posting comments related to Kern on a Morning Call sports blog. Kern found out, and used his influence to get the man’s email address and send him harrassing emails. The man  is not associated with Citizens Against Kern, however, we feel his pain. Commissioner Kern had no business acquiring this man’s email address. How he did so remains a mystery. He either exerted pressure on the Morning Call, or had a friend of his that works there obtain the email. Either way, this action makes us wonder about Kern’s integrity and morals.

We have a lot of work to do before next November. Thanks to some generous donations, Citizens Against Commissioner Kern will be buying airtime and airing commercials in early 2011 (it is hoped and planned) on this subject. November is a long way off, but CACK is eager to begin. We want Whitehall to live up to it’s potential, not be stuck in a perpetual time warp, as Kern and his supporters would like. It is not 1990 any longer, Commissioners.


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