A Point To Make Clear

Over the last month members of CACK have been asked if this is movement is the result of something having to do with Kyle Kern’s tenure as coach of Allentown Central Catholic High School’s basketball team. A fair question, and the answer is No. We realize that Kyle Kern is best known in the Lehigh Valley for his tumultuous tenure as head coach of Central. We are aware of the circumstances surrounding his firing last winter. However, none of us are basketball fans, and as we’ve stated, this is not a personal vendetta against Commissioner Kern. This is about his tenure as a Whitehall Township commissioner. It does not matter what his record as a coach was. To us, what matters more is the fact on Christmas night while Commissioner Kern ate sweet bologna and cream cheese and enjoyed his holiday, the majority of the citizens he “serves” were at home trying to figure out how to pay the tax increases that are coming, courtesy of Kern and four other commissioners.


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