Happy New Year! Let’s Get To Work

Happy New Year to everyone. Now that the holiday season and 2010 are both behind us, it is time to get moving. Citizens Against Commissioner Kern is moving into high gear. There is much to do, and not as much time as it seems. November will be here before we know it.  CACK will not be soliciting donations or holding fund-raisers. There is no need. Our coffers are full and we have more than enough money to sustain us through the election season. Although this site and group may seem small, do not underestimate us. We have ambitious plans and the money and determined staff to make them happen.

Plan #1 is to rent billboard space around the Lehigh Valley and let the people find out who we are, and what this movement is all about. The billboards will not be confined to Whitehall. Wherever there is space available, we’re going to try to put something up. This group is inspired in part by the emergence of the Tea Party movement. They got their message out through traditional means, and we have seen what the mobilized citizenry can accomplish when properly motivated.  Established, arrogant and incompetent politicians like the ones in Whitehall should take note. The American people mobilized to kick the Democrats out of Congress. Citizens Against Commissioner Kern intends to mobilize the people of Whitehall and kick Commissioner Kern and the others out on their asses on Election Day.

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