A Word To Those Who Post Comments Here


It has been brought to our attention that Commissioner Kern and/or his lackeys have possibly been scouring this blog trying to determine the identity of the posters and the management here at CACK. So, for the newcomers let me explain the Posting Policy. All posts do not go directly to the blog. They go through moderation. This does not mean that your posts are edited in any way. They are not. What does happen, though, is that your comment is transfered to the appropriate blog entry by the authors here, word for word as you wrote it. This is done so that should one of Kern’s supporters hack into this site, they cannot determine the IP addresses of anyone who posts comments here. Privacy is first and foremost.

Considering how Commissioner Kern reacted to Mr.Mulrooney’s posts on the Morning Call in October, this is a prudent step.

We hope this does not discourage anyone from posting. Do not be intimidated by any politicos.


CACK Management

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