Whitehall Citizens Claim Commission Put Pensions Before People

Last night at a meeting with a group of Whitehall residents the universal emotions were frustration and betrayal. Frustration because of a township budget that raises taxes by $1 million to cover higher pension costs. Betrayal because the residents feel that the township is putting pensions in front of it’s citizens wallets and pocketbooks. And this feeling is not limited to the few people we talked with last night. There’s a growing sentiment in the township that the mayor and commissioners are not managing the finances as well as they should. Whitehall has no budget surplus. It is safe to say the lack of funds now is a direct result of short sighted township planning over the past decade. While other towns in the Valley have seen their tax bases increase, Whitehall’s is evaporating. Last night was an eye opener and it became apparent how badly the citizens believe the town is being managed. More will be discussed on this topic over the weekend so please keep checking back here for updates.

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