Updates, Info, And Replies

Slowly getting back up to speed. Sometimes a vacation is great to recharge your batteries, but it takes a few days to get back into the groove.

Next Meeting- I was hoping to have one this week, but from the looks of the weather forecast it’s not going to happen. So I’ll set one up for next week if possible. Shouldn’t be a problem. The info will be put out on here as soon as possible.

Yard Signs- We are placing an initial order for 100 yard signs with the design we displayed on the blog. Later this week we will be accepting orders from anyone who would like one. There is no charge and the signs will be available sometime within the next three to four weeks….possibly sooner. Details will follow.

Reply To Post- Someone left a post on one of the blogs saying that the entire board is responsible for the tax mess Whitehall is in, and it’s unfair to place the blame on Commissioner Kern. True, there is enough blame to go around. However, the reason we’ve focused on Commissioner Kern is because he championed change during his campaign and he’s been on the board the least amount of time. We expected him to make a genuine attempt to change the way things go down at the township building. He has not. Sadly, he’s become a carbon copy of the rest. Whether he mislead us, or he’s just as weak and greedy as the others appear to be remains to be seen. The straw that broke the camels back was his harassment of a civilian who spoke out against him. That crossed the line.




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