Increasing Media Exposure For Citizens Against Kern

This is an exciting time for those of us here at CACK. We continue to reach out to Whitehall citizens and are receiving an incredible amount of input in return. We’re in touch with other grass root political action groups across the country exchanging ideas and information. It’s reassuring to see that Whitehall is not alone. People in other towns are undertaking similar actions to rid their town councils and committees of ignorant, uncaring democrats…..and republicans when the shoe fits!

On Friday, a national magazine extended a request for an interview to the founders of CACK. The magazine is doing a piece on Tea Party influenced movements against local level politicians around the nation. Citizens Against Commissioner Kern caught their attention. We’ve agreed to do the interview this week.

This blog has attracted much attention. Make no mistake, we are reaching people. March is going to be an incredibly busy month. We’re going to make ourselves more available to people and will continue to spread the message through other forms of advertising and the media. We promise a very exciting, fun time leading up to November. The people are speaking their mind.



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