This Blog Has Been Hacked

Imagine my surprise when I wake up and go to check the blog, only to  find that somehow all of the comments have mysteriously disappeared. I shouldn’t be surprised, we’ve been expecting something like this to happen eventually. Citizens Against Commissioner Kern has been the victim of a malicious hacker attack. I’m not accusing anyone, but we have a fairly good idea who did it. The proper precautions have been taken and the authorities have been notified. All I will say is that the attack appears to have come from somewhere in Northampton County, PA judging by the IP addresses and some other clues.  Nothing else besides the comments were touched. Interesting. Apparently someone did not like the things that people had to say about the way Commissioner Kern has done his job.

Needless to say, this will not stop us. Citizens Against Kern will move forward and we invite you all to keep the comments coming. As for whoever did this, better luck next time.

Hancock and the CACK Team

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5 Responses to This Blog Has Been Hacked

  1. Brooklyn Transplant says:

    Don’t let this discourage you.

  2. Art On 4th says:

    Seems like CACK has become a burr in someone’s saddle in an election year

  3. CCHS Alum says:

    Maybe Coach Kern hacked your site because he was frustrated that the team is doing a hell of a lot better without him HA HA!

  4. We Need A Commish, Not A Dumb Coach says:

    There’s no way Kern could have done this. If he was involved, he’d of had someone do it. He’s too stupid to know anything about computers

  5. Lou says:

    Ha! Serves you right. Maybe now you’ll leave that man and his lovely wife alone!

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