How Accessible Is Your Commissioner?

Technology and social media has made elected officials more accessible than ever before. From the national level down to local government politicians are using webpages, email, Twitter and even Facebook to connect with their constituents. Admittedly, some politicians have had more success in this realm then others. After a controversial vote in the House, many representatives get on the internet. and explain their positions and why they voted the way they did. Staying connected with the people they serve should be a priority for all elected officials. Unfortunately, that is not always true.

How accessible are the elected officials in Whitehall? Do they seek the input of citizens before they cast votes on township issues? Can you get in touch with your respective commissioner, or the mayor and voice your concerns? Do the commissioners explain their positions on issues?

As primary season approaches, these questions need to be answered. Are the people of Whitehall being represented by their elected officials, or are the officials simply following their own agendas without regard?


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16 Responses to How Accessible Is Your Commissioner?

  1. Kelly Pitney says:

    I found this blog on the Morning Call’s blog contest. I do not live in Whitehall but I like the way you’ve presented your views and a lot of people post here. Sorry your blog might of been hacked but keep up the good work. Hope it does good in the contest

  2. Whitehall Mall Is A Dead Mall says:

    I don’t know what happened to the Whitehall Mall entry but I couldn’t post a comment there so I will put it here. Whitehall mall has become an eyesore and it’s time to really think about what can be done to improve the retail situation along 145. I hope the commissioners are thinking about ideas now. The mall is not getting better.

  3. LV Hot dog King says:

    Today is Ash Wednesday. No doubt we’ll see all of the commissioners as well as Hozza in church tonight coming across as good boys and girls. Appearances count!

    • Whitehall Resident says:

      Mayor Hozza happens to be a very devout Catholic and he is in Church every Sunday, election year or not. Commish Ken Snyder goes to my Church, I see him there all the time, so I don’t think it is appropriate to bring a person’s faith into the discussion. Today IS Ash Wednesday, perhaps you should show some respect for the day and it’s meaning yourself. Lent is a time of atonement.

  4. Lou says:

    You and your buddies should go back to New York. I know who you are and your kind is not looked upon nicely here. You come here to cause trouble make house and living costs go higher and now you’re trying to discredit a man who is loved around here.
    I know Kyle Kern and his family very well. He’s an honorable man. Whatever he does is for his people. He was an excellent coach, worker and now a leader. You slam him here because he’s a better man than any of you will ever be. Jealousy makes you write this. So do yourself a favor and stop making life horrible for Kyle and his lovely wife. If not, then soon you may see a blog supporting Kern come on here.

    • Brooklyn Transplant says:

      Shut the #@%! up, Lou. You have your head way up Kern’s ass and I don’t know why but it’s annoying. Be nice to people from NY. We’re the ones who brought this podunk area into modern times.

      • Transplant Myself says:

        Brooklyn, That is no way to win friends and influence people. In fact, it’s just mean and gives all New Yorkers a bad rap. As someone who came here from NYC as well, I don’t appreciate it. Lou, All New York transplants do not share Brooklyn’s viewpoint and by the same token, what you said was very mean as well. I am very very glad that everyone in the Valley does not share your viewpoint of new Lehigh Valley residents. Most I’ve encountered have been very welcoming and I have done my best to fit in and be an active part of the community. Don’t paint people with a broad stroke, you may be missing out on a good friendship with a person.
        Brooklyn, Don’t be such a pompus douche. It serves no purpose.

  5. Nosovitch says:

    Com.Kern should not be elected to another term in office. Breaks my heart to say that but it’s the truth

  6. Enzo Rivaldi says:

    If you want elected people who care about their citizens you’re in the wrong town, county and state.

  7. Smokin' Joe Zapotisny says:

    It’s an election year. Kern will answer any questions you have and be your best friend right up until election day.

  8. Bronco Nagurski says:

    If you don’t have anything to offer him Kern isn’t going to be accessible. Period

  9. Amy Yost says:

    When our taxes were raised to cover the pensions in December NONE of the commissioners wanted to talk about it outside of the township building. Like it never happened. There’s no transparency or accountability here. The citizens just have to take the crap that gets shoveled our way and ask for more.

  10. Frankie On Eberhart says:

    Try and tell a commissioner that you don’t like the job their doing and all of the sudden you have whitehall PD pulling you over every other day. Happened to me

  11. Geoff Murray says:

    Whitehall is an introverted town and the people don’t care much about the politics. They elect people and let them do what they want. The politicians have a huge advantage there. Good luck waking up enough people to make changes there.

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