Public Employee Unions Are A Problem In Whitehall, Not Just Wisconsin

It’s a hot button item around the country now. Public Employees and their sometimes near luxurious benefits, salaries and pensions are bringing on near apocalyptic consequences for state and local governments, and the taxpayers as well. I’m not going to turn this posting into a harangue about why I believe public employees and teachers especially are the welfare queens of the 21st century. My concern is Whitehall, and the effects that paying these pensions, salaries and benefits are going to have on the citizens here.

We’re already seeing it. In December, the commissioners voted to raise taxes by $1 Million. The reason: Whitehall has to pay more and more towards pensions while at the same time is collecting less revenue. The commission voted to take the traditional Democrat solution and raise taxes. Kern’s vote sealed the deal and raised our taxes.

It’s difficult to see how things are going to get better. Every year more money is going to have to be devoted to pensions, benefits and salaries for township employees. Look up what some of these people are making. They’re making excellent money and get annual pay raises while those of us in the private sector are taking pay cuts and trying to keep our heads above water.  Next year, a larger fraction of the budget will have to be devoted to pensions, etc. And the year after that. Township revenue does not appear as if it will increase this year without at least one tax hike.

The citizens of Whitehall are getting stiffed and the commissioners are not making a serious effort to find another solution to the financial problems. Raising taxes is the only surefire way. Commissioner Kern cast the deciding vote for the tax hike in December. He has refused to explain his reasons for supporting the measure. Seeing how this is an election year, CACK calls upon him to explain why he raised Whitehall’s taxes and to explain it publicly. is our email address, Mr. Kern. You certainly know how to email private citizens and harass them for posting negative comments about you, so how about emailing this private citizen and explain why you raised our taxes in December.


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42 Responses to Public Employee Unions Are A Problem In Whitehall, Not Just Wisconsin

  1. Brooklyn Transplant says:

    It would be so f***ing funny if Kern really isn’t running and that the reason he’s not is this blog. Maybe he can’t take the heat so he’s leaving the kitchen

  2. Valley Political Watch says:

    Kern is not running. That’s confirmed. He is throwing his hat into the ring for a higher, more ‘prestigious’ posting, according to intelligence reports. My advice is to keep on him. If he is in fact seeking a different office then Citizens Against Comm. Kern needs to keep up on it and let people know about the candidate Kern.

    • Can't take it anymore! says:

      What other office is he seeking? He isn’t on the ballot for anything… What have you heard?

      • Valley Political Watch says:

        All I have heard are persistent rumors. First is that Kern is preparing for a run at a county position in 2012. The second is that he’s resigning because the stress of the job is getting to him. Who knows which is true if either.

      • Can't take it anymore! says:

        Well 2012 may or may not be true, of that I can’t comment. although from a political standpoint, if he has higher aspirations, for 2012, not running for re-election now isn’t a good strategy, so I tend to think it’s more the latter.

      • Lou says:

        Kern is leaving politics because of the lies being spread by this blog and it’s liar owner

  3. Can't take it anymore! says:

    Election office number (610) 782-3194
    As you can see from the below Copied off the Election Office Website. Petitions are closed and ballot positions already set.

    Instructions to Candidates and Circulators of Nomination Petitions

    First day to circulate and file petitions – February 15, 2011
    Last day to circulate and file petitions – March 8, 2011
    Last day to file objections to petition – March 15, 2011
    Casting of lots for ballot position – March 15, 2011

    • Christine Warshany says:

      I think Kern sent you here to spread rumors.

      • Can't take it anymore! says:

        Then you aren’t too smart. I gave you information directly from the Voter Office and the number to check on it yourself. Do you think the Election office is in on your conspiracy theory?

  4. LV Tea Party Supporter says:

    Kern is a politician. They always lie and change their mind about running. But if he’s really not going to seek re-election then this blog has won a major victory. Congrats, CACK!

  5. Lou says:

    If Kyle is not running again then it is the worst news I’ve heard since the Hindenburg crashed.

  6. Geoff Murray says:

    Who says Kern isn’t running again? Haven’t heard or seen anything about that.

    • Can't take it anymore! says:

      Then you didn’t do your homework. HE DIDN’T CIRCULATE PETITIONS. HE isn’t on the ballot. The commissioner Ballot is as follows:

      Ken Snyder
      Clair Hunsberger
      Phil Ginder
      Dennis Hower
      Bruce Brinker

  7. Christine Warshany says:

    Some of the comments here really surprise me because a few posters genuinely expect the taxpayers to shoulder the increasingly high teachers salaries all in the name of Better Education For Our Children? Gimme a break. Half the teachers aren’t even doing their job and barely deserve the salary they get. And I am supposed to foot the bill for their houses and lifestyles???

    • Can't take it anymore! says:

      Do you even know how much a teacher makes?

      • Christine Warshany says:

        teachers make far too much money. They get tenure after a certain amount of time and annual pay raises, plus benefits packages and pension. I don’t understand why a teacher needs union protection. They’re not being exploited in the least. Unions are to help people like plumbers, not “professionals” like teachers

  8. Can't take it anymore! says:

    I cannot take it anymore. If you all are so politically motivated and in touch with what is going on etc.. HOW IS IT THAT NOT A SINGLE ONE OF YOU KNOW THAT COMMISSIONER KERN IS RUNNING FOR RE-ELECTION IN NOVEMBER???For F@#K’s Sake, If you are going to start a movement, please stay educated and abreast of the current events! This has been public information for over a week and no one has even bothered to check?

    • Art On 4th says:

      I live and work in Whitehall and have heard nothing concrete. It has to be a Smoke screen.. Kern is going to run again, no matter what he says now. I hear that his supporters are pissed off and think this blog chased him away.

      • Can't take it anymore! says:

        He did not turn in petitions. The ballot is closed. Call the Election office if you don’t believe me. That is our process in PA. You MUST circulate petitions and for Whitehall Commissioner you only need 10 signatures to be able to run for office. Clearly, he could have gotten ten signatures, but he didn’t circulate and isn’t running. Again do your homework and call the Election office. They will tell you he is not on the ballot.

    • Ally Epstein says:

      It’s a feint. Do not believe it.

  9. Blinky Hinklebauer says:

    It’s time somebody started a group that supports Kern and the other good people on that commission. The conservatives here are nothing but brainwashed nazis.

  10. Fire Kern In November says:

    Did you see the article in the Morning Call about the Whitehall/Coplay school district coming out against the Corbett cuts? That’s how it is. We should strangle in taxes so the teachers can get their salaries. Those teachers make more than they deserve.

    • Transplant Myself says:

      You are a moron… I’m sorry but you are! EDUCATION should NEVER be cut! That douche bag Governor wants the future of this state to be uneducated for generations to come… Teachers play a vital role in the success of our community and our Country and they should be compensated for their service. I suppose you think the Troops and the Police make too much as well?

  11. Unions And Liberals Wrecked America says:

    All around the country people are waking up. Public worker unions are eating up large amounts of cities and states budgets. It’s happening here too. The commissioners raised the taxes and did not explore other options to close the budget gap. It’s in their interests that the voters here are pretty apathetic. In some other places the people would have called bullsh@t right away. But not here. Half of Whitehall’s population are indifferent hispanics living down off of 145. The other half are senior citizens and uneducated people who believe the crap that Kern, the Snyders and others push their way.

  12. Lou says:

    I’m pro-union, pro-America and pro-Kern. The jerks who write this blog are communists.

  13. ReName The Bench says:

    Central Catholic is doing better since Kern left. Whitehall will too.

  14. LV Tea Party Supporter says:

    You are asking for a lot if you want Kern to explain why he raised taxes. Of all the politicians in the area he last the least amount of communications with the voters according to informal polls done in Whitehall.

  15. Whitehall Teacher says:

    It’s unfair to blame public employees because our unions negotiated excellent contracts for us. We provide a valuable service to the town and deserve compensation.

    • ReName The Bench says:

      You teachers are a large part of the problem. Take a pay cut!

      • Transplant Myself says:

        REALLY??? You want to cut the pay of the people who educate our youth? The same youth who will need to be well educated to make sure the U.S. can compete in the global marketplace to make sure our country is strong for future generations ? That is down right treason. You want the best, you need to compensate them.

  16. Art On 4th says:

    Heard from Kern yet? Has he defended his position to the people who pay his salary and pay for the upkeep on his bench? Nope, didn’t think so.

  17. Pleased Taxpayer says:

    So you delete my email because you have trouble with reality.

    Folks, the point I was making based on the facts I know is that Whitehalls tax rate now is the same rate it was back in 2004. About that time, the State passed an EMS tax that was to generate needed revenue to support EMS services. During an election year budget, some Commissioners decided for political reasons to give a 1 mill reduction thinking it would be revenue neutral. Back in 2006, State changed the rules the Revenues realized from the EMS tax were no where near what the Township expected and it never cover the cost of 1 Mill reduction. This budget corrects that and is the prudent thing to due.

    The irony here is that the same Commissioners that opposed this budget this time were the same ones that opposed the 1 mill reduction back in 2006 citing there was too much uncertainty in the EMS revenue.

    James may not like his street plowed, but I do.
    James may think we should stop maintaining our streets and facilites, but I don’t. James may think we should fill in all the pools and board up all the playground, and develop all our open space, but I DONT.

    I am sure you will sensor this email in time. It is unfortunate you deleted your posts about the benches, as it spoke volumes about your campaign here to defame good people fixing mistakes from the past to keep Whitehall the great place it is.

    If you do not like Whitehall tax rate of 7.95 mills, please consider moving to a nieghboring community who kept its tax rate steady at 12.6 MILLS?

    Folks, this is what is wrong with the Tea Party. The cannot see a good thing when it stares them in the face.

    • Brooklyn Transplant says:

      You have gotta be a clueless liberal or a buddy of Kern. That guy and his liberal sidekicks are dropping a huge cleveland steamer on this town.

  18. Content Taxpayer says:

    I really think you should be directing your concerns elsewhere and look at the big picture. I am not as involved as I once was but here is what I know frin the past. Whitehall current tax rate is the same as it was back in 2004. In 2005 the state passed the EMS tax and during an election year budget, Whitehall reduced its millage assuming there would be a wash. The State changed the rules and EMS revenues never compensated for the millage reduction and that, my friend, has been problematic ever since. It appears this was a course correction and a prudent one.

    As someone has sugggested, if you do not like Whitehalls rate of 7.95, consider moving to a neighboring municpality who kept there taxes steady this year at 12.6 MILLS!

    • LV Tea Party Supporter says:

      You are talking 2004 and 05 stats to justify a 2010-11 tax hike. A tax hike to cover pensions is a tax hike to cover pensions. It’s more money out of our pocket at a time when a lot of us are still spread thin. That lying bastard Kern promised no tax hikes when he was pumping for election. He lied. You Democrats are willing to give him and the other bastards a free pass. That’s why we’re in the trouble we’re in. You’re too willing to turn a blind eye and eat the crap Kern and his fellow liberal Democrats shovel

    • Geoff Murray says:

      Those “other towns” offer more in the way of benefits for their people. Whitehall is no south Whitehall or Saucon Valley where people want to live…..people with high income. And in other towns the services provided by the town is superior. Whitehall-Coplay schools are not winning any awards.

  19. Konkrete Kid says:

    Who are you to call out an elected official? He doesn’t have to answer to anybody. We elect him to make the decisions for us. Your an outsider causing trouble.

  20. Christine Warshany says:

    Zing! Call out Kern and the other four commissioners and have them explain why they voted to raise taxes a week before Christmas. Talk about five Grinches. Towns all over have to keep paying more and more to cover the over-inflated salaries of teachers, cops and others. Tell our politicos to find another way to cover the costs and to stop handing over the township coffers to teachers and public employee unions.

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