Take A Break From Politics, It’s Tourney Time

I have been keeping an eye on the topics of conversation taking place in the comment section of the most recent post.  I haven’t gotten into the chat yet because……well,  because it’s March Madness and the Tournament is going full speed. For another week or so in March politics is not my priority. I’ll still post, but my heart is on the hardwood. I don’t care at the moment if Kern is resigning or staying put. That issue will still be there after the Sweet Sixteen. I’ll ask around though and see what I come up with. My personal hypothesis is that he is going to run. I suppose we’ll see.


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6 Responses to Take A Break From Politics, It’s Tourney Time

  1. CCHS Alum says:

    Now Whitehall knows how CCHS felt.

  2. Lou says:

    Oh, you are taking a break after trying to ruin a good man’s life? You are a real jerk and you should leave the valley now. You’re not welcome here. Kern is not running again because of the grief your blog of lies caused him and his family.

    • Brooklyn Transplant says:

      You should leave the Valley now and stop giving Kern a rusty trombone on here. You’re embarassing yourself.

  3. Can't take it anymore! says:

    Why do you think he is going to run this cycle, if we have election laws & procedures that state he is officially NOT on the ballot? I suppose he could in theory do a write in campaign, BUT why would he want to work THAT hard to run, (You need 150 write in votes to get on the ballot under a write in) when he could have just gotten his 10 signatures and be guaranteed placement on the Ballot? Makes no sense.

    For those who mention that he is going to run for something else. Again, the same rules above apply and he is not on the ballot for anything in the entire County or State.

    • Brooklyn Transplant says:

      Who knows what is happening. He’s either going to run or he’s not.

    • Zephyr Politics Are A Wreck says:

      It is possible that he could do a write-in. If he really isn’t going to run I wish he would put out a statement to that regard.

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