Kern Not Running? His Potential Replacements….

It appears that the rumors about Commissioner Kern not running for re-election could be accurate. His name is not on the ballot for the May primary. Of the commissioners up for re-election, Kern is the only one who doesn’t appear to be gearing up for a campaign. Whether this remains to be the case is up in the air. Politics in Whitehall and the Lehigh Valley are a cauldron of deception and double talk. Things change at a moment’s notice. All we can do is keep our eyes and ears open. As ineffective as Kern was, his potential replacements do not appear to be much better. Dennis Hower and Bruce Brinker are the two candidates who will be dueling for Kern’s seat in the primary.

Hower is most likely to win. He’s a Teamster, with a political background… a limited extent. His education is limited to a bachelors degree in Human Resource Management from Muhlenberg College. He’s pro-union and if history is any guide, Hower on the commission will certainly lead to higher taxes for the township’s residents.

Brinker is a more unorthodox candidate. He’s a manager at Yocco’s hot dogs on Catty Road. He’s active in the Civil Air Patrol and has little formal political experience.

CACK is working on profiles for both candidates and obtaining interviews with both. As far as Commissioner Kern goes, do not count him out yet. November is a long way off and anything can happen. However, right now it is safe to say that whoever succeeds Kern on the Commission will not be an improvement for Whitehall.



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25 Responses to Kern Not Running? His Potential Replacements….

  1. Blinky Hinklebauer says:

    Whitehallians Everywhere Support Commissioner Kern!

  2. Brooklyn Transplant says:

    I’m talking over the idea of moving out of Whitehall with my family. A town where the people aren’t all beered up ignorant rubes who vote absolute jerkoffs into office.

    • Good People Welcome says:

      You always have the option to go back to Brooklyn and pay 13 Mills in Taxes, live in a squeeze in house with no yard and costs three times what you own now.

      For me, I am staying here in Whitehall where my streets are maintained, my garbage gets picked up, my neighbors are respectful, I can walk to a park and feel safe when I am there.

      Everything I need is 5 minutes from my house. I love Whitehall.

      • Brooklyn Transplant says:

        No, my friend, Whitehall is not a great town. South Whitehall-yes. North Whitehall- Hell Yes. Whitehall is the red headed step child. You must be one of those folks who thinks it is still 1990.

      • Barney Marianski says:

        maintained streets, respectful neighbors, feeling safe? What part of Whitehall do you live in? Oh, that’s right. The part where there are no minorities.

  3. Say No To The Unions says:

    I can’t believe this. A union employee and true blue supporter is running for commissioner in the primary. Do your homework on Hower. He makes almost $90k a year and his checks are cut by the Teamsters. He is not going to abstain on any contract issues with the public workers unions. He’s going to push it through the commission at all of our expenses. Hower is bad news. Brinker is not much better but at least he is harmless.

    • Kip Royster says:

      You saw what went on in Wisconsin and saw how our taxes went up to cover pensions. We do not need another puppet of the unions in power. They are ruining America

  4. Valley Political Watch says:

    Believe it or not, Whitehall is going to sink deeper into debt, and people will be paying higher taxes. The Teamster’s mascot is going to be the next commissioner and he’s going to ram it up the taxpayers butts for the next four years. That town was already in bad shape. Tax base is crumbling, unions dictating the ebb and flow of the budget and people are apathetic. Whitehallians just don’t care.

  5. Zephyr Mom says:

    Honestly, a union representative and a manager at Yoccos?? I guess it’s true. Good people just don’t want to get into politics at any level.

  6. Brooklyn Transplant says:

    Kern was chased away! LMAO

  7. Coplay Pride says:

    Grass Roots politics in action. You took down a sitting commissioner. Be proud.

  8. Grape St Walker says:

    Bruce Brinker for Commissioner???? Well, it’s good to see the mongoloids will have one of their own in politics if he wins.

    • Kip Royster says:

      Don’t judge a person just because he works at a hot dog stand and doesn’t have much experience in politics or education. I don’t think Brinker will win but if he did, then there would be a fresh voice in Whitehall politics.

      • ComWatcher says:

        Brinker was a commissioner until 2006. He has no idea what is going on and is completely incompetent. I’ve seen it firsthand and he’s bad news. In Hower’s case, I’ve never heard of the man, but wouldn’t he just abstain from voting for union contracts?

      • Can't take it anymore! says:

        Bruce has already sat on that board and he has a Bachelors Degree, how can you say he doesn’t have political experience or Education?

      • Kip Royster says:

        A bachelors degree does not make somebody a rhodes scholar. We all have them….well most of us do.
        His experience isn’t great. I stand by my statement that he is a babe in the woods. What did he accomplish the last time he sat on the commission?

      • Herb Stroehmann says:

        Kip, Brinker has been in and out of politics here for twenty years. The reason he never stays permanently is that he’s not effective when he is in office. Unfortunately, as we all know, most people who chose to run for office around here are incompetent, corrupt or simply ego driven. Brinker falls into the incompetent and oafish category.

  9. Lou says:

    I hope you are happy. Not only has your blog of lies pushed an honorable, good man out of the race, he is going to be replaced by an inept political suck up. Whitehall had improved with Kern in office but all of the pressure including this blog caused him to say enough is enough. He is walking away. I am so mad at this blog I could spit. We pray Kern will have a change of heart but he won’t. You jerks caused way too much damage to him and his family.

  10. Amy Yost says:

    You are right Jim. Hower and Brinker are parts of the problem not the solution. The town is in for some dark days if Hower gets into office. Not any better then it is now.

    • Kip Royster says:

      How is Brinker part of the problem? He’s a babe in the woods

      • Can't take it anymore! says:

        How is Bruce Brinker a “babe in the woods” or someone with little political background? He HAS ALREADY BEEN A WHITEHALL COMMISSIONER and ran for election to the board in 2009. Where have you guys been???

  11. Art On 4th says:

    Hower will be trouble. A union puppet and he will push for higher salaries for township workers and better union contracts without worrying about what it will cost the taxpayers. Typical pro-union democrat. Slim choices. A Union puppet or a hot dog salesman. Or Kern. I choose none of the above.

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