It Remains Unclear Why Kern Is Not Running Again

Elected officials have certain obligations to the people they serve. One is to inform the people in a timely manner of their departure from office. It does not have to be an elaborate press conference. Just a simple post on a web page or an announcement in the local paper that they will not be seeking reelection. It’s really just the decent thing to do.

As time goes on, it appears more and more likely that Commissioner Kern does not plan to run again in November. What’s not so clear is the reason why. Kern has not made it known and it’s difficult to say if he ever will. Informing the citizens of Whitehall does not appear to be high on his list of priorities.

The fact is becoming clear that Kern will not be on the ballot in November. The obvious question is:why not? No one I’ve spoken to knows for certain. As CACK continues to  find out, we are listing a number of potential reasons below. They are not insulting or intended to be misconstrued as potshots against Commissioner Kern. Simply put, we want to know why he’s not running again. Until we find out, all we can do is speculate.

  • He’s decided to seek a higher office at some point in the near future
  • The true nature of politics in Whitehall has been too stressful for Kern and he needs a break
  • Politics has taken too much time away from his family and his career
  • His opponents in the primary are too strong politically for him to defeat so he’s bowing out gracefully
  • He feels he has done his part and it is time to move on.

Hopefully one day the commish will let the people know. We will not dwell on it forever. There is a primary coming up and CACK intends to keep Whitehall’s citizens up to date on what’s happening.

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15 Responses to It Remains Unclear Why Kern Is Not Running Again

  1. Art On 4th says:

    Geraldine Ferraro died today. Wasn’t she a porn star?

  2. Frank On Eberhart says:

    That’s no surprise about Kern and his in-laws. Most people know how he’s henpecked or for lack of a better word cuckolded. Jim, how was the game last night?

  3. JenB says:

    You all have got to understand Kern is run by his wife and in-laws. He used to be a republican they made him change. He was a lutheran and they forced him to change to catholic. Every decision is made by his overbearing wife and her family. From what I hear he cannot do what he wants. They had a hand in this too I bet.

  4. Rudy Zacharias says:

    Oh and BTW, I did vote for Kern last time

  5. Rudy Zacharias says:

    Kern is getting out of politics and back in coaching I think.

  6. Bronco Nagurski says:

    He should keep running since they’re talking about layoffs where we work and his name has come up more then one time

  7. Whitehall Wally says:

    I wouldn’t vote for any of them. And if Kern isn’t running the township should take that damn bench down next January.

    • ComWatcher says:

      If I am correct, I believe that the benches are put on the trail if the family makes donations to pay for the cost of the bench. I do remember that bench being there before Kern was elected Commissioner so it had nothing to do with his position.

      • Bench Warmer says:

        That makes it ten times worse, he bought a memorial bench. Jeez, talk about an egomaniac. His in-laws guard that bench like it’s made of gold. They’re just as crazy as he is.

  8. Amy Yost says:

    When you compare Kern to Brinker and Hower he comes off as a lightweight. Those candidates have solid backing and a lot of money to put in the campaign. Hower does anyway. Kern’s campaign fund is a piggy bank. He can’t compete

  9. Lou says:

    He ain’t running any more because you and your pack of liars scared him away!

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