CACK Needs The Public’s Help Creating The Kern Era Timeline

The Kern Era 2007-2011.  Possibly 2011, that remains to be seen. If it is the case then CACK wants to have a detailed timeline of the Kyle Kern era in Whitehall. What changed for the better? What changed for the worse? Did Kern’s time on the council lead to a better life for you and your family? We’d like to have the timeline completed and ready to put up by next weekend so please, send us your stories.



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9 Responses to CACK Needs The Public’s Help Creating The Kern Era Timeline

  1. Valley Political Watch says:

    The truth is there’s nothing really to put on a timeline. Kern was one of the most uninspiring politicians we’ve had in decades. Like the Valley’s own Jimmy Carter. One and Done!

  2. Frankie Coffeecake says:

    Why hasn’t there been an article in the Morning Call about Kern not running again? Do they only put articles about him up when the topic is positive? When he had his heart attack he got more front page room then the Pope did when he came to the US.

  3. Richie Neuen says:

    Kern wins election
    Kern has heart attack
    Kern is fired from CCHS
    Kern leaves office.

  4. Amy Yost says:

    Sum up the past four years with a single word: Nothing.

  5. Brooklyn Transplant says:

    Timeline- Kern is elected. Nothing happens except raised taxes and a diminished tax base. 2010- Kern decides not to run again. People rejoice. 2011- Another jerk takes Kern’s place. Repeat cycle.

  6. Art On 4th says:

    Kern had a heart attack a week after winning the election. It was downhill from there

  7. Lou says:

    Commissioner Kern was the best commissioner Whitehall has ever had and he was a SAINT! Nobody cares about the people here like him. He went out and talked to people, found out their problems and worked to fix them. People on here have a lot of smack to say about Kern but that does not change the truth that he was a great leader, is a great man and will be missed by the township.

  8. Mark Fitch says:

    Not much to put on that timeline. Whitehall has not changed much as a result of Kern’s time on the board. The town is basically the same as it was a few years ago. Some stores and businesses have left and some news ones have come in. Taxes are higher but aren’t they higher everywhere? There are some undesirables moving in from Allentown but that is hardly Kern’s fault.

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