Citizens Against Commissioner Kern Endorses Kyle Kern For Whitehall Commissioner

We here at Citizens Against Kern have had a change of heart. After a few days of soul searching we have come to the realization that Commissioner Kern is the best man on the Whitehall commission. He is honest, loyal, able to bring people together, make difficult decisions and reach compromises in tough situations. For nearly four years Kern has helped make Whitehall the gem of the Lehigh Valley. He put his family and work on the side and adopted a “Whitehall First” attitude.  If you have a problem with your sewer bill, Kern is ready to help. If you have a question about taxes, Kern is ready to help. If you have suggestions about how Whitehall can be better governed, Kern will listen.

He has immeasurably high standards and morality. Kern is immune to the powers of persuasion. If it’s bad for Whitehall, it’s bad for Kern. If he says taxes should be raised, then darn it they should be.

Whitehall needs Kern. We here at CACK implore him to reconsider his decision not to run for re-election. We offer to help him streak to victory in November and do anything we can. We’re motivated and apologize for not seeing the light sooner.

So to Commissioner Kern, we offer you our assistance. We propose an alliance to keep Whitehall safe from the union reps and recycled politicians who are fighting for power. They don’t have Whitehall’s best interest at heart. Kern does.

From this moment on this movement will be known as Citizens FOR Kyle Kern.

Proud Supporters of Commissioner Kern

P.S. April Fools

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26 Responses to Citizens Against Commissioner Kern Endorses Kyle Kern For Whitehall Commissioner

  1. Enos Sanchez-Cabrillo says:

    This is a great politics blog. The commenters are fucking funny as hell. I check it every day and always crack up. I don’t know who Kyle Kern is, or where in pensylvania Whitehall is. I’m in Arizona but I love this blog

  2. Bench Warmer says:

    Give that damn bench back to the people. You shouldn’t have to PAY to place a memorial on a PUBLIC walkway. I’m sorry you lost a son but you should have known better than to use the bench as a “Vote For Kern” platform.

  3. JustinThyme says:

    It’s a shame the Morning Call screwed this blog out of a prize in their contest. I guess Kern’s buddies there didn’t want there to bee too much negative press on him

    • Holbert Mulrooney says:

      The MCall does not have the nerve to reward a blog that tells the truth. Kern is a favorite over there. They didn’t mention a thing about his not running again but when he had a heart attack it was front page news like he was the governor or something.

  4. I Voted For The Other Guy says:

    Great April Fools Day gag. Too bad some of these people can’t take a joke.

  5. Lou says:

    I am glad there are good people calling out this blog and the idiots surrounding it. You’re getting yours now just like you gave to Kyle Kern and his family. Leave Whitehall now with your tail between your legs.

  6. Coplay Citizen says:

    This blog just encourages people to rise up against their elected officials and causes bad blood between people and government.

  7. Frankie Coffeecake says:

    In the “Great Lehigh Valley” it’s well known that Whitehall is in trouble. Kern raised taxes, favored the Unions, didn’t want the IRS to conduct an investigation and has not defended the citizens here. I’ve been reading this blog since it began. The authors never attacked Kern because of anything basketball related. They have been pretty lax with people’s comments but if that troubles you then do not read this blog.

  8. Lou says:

    I’m getting so weary of your games and playing on people’s emotions. I’ve reported you to wordpress and hope they kick you off here.

  9. Fred Kretchmeyer says:

    April Fools, Whitehall!

  10. Bronco Nagurski says:

    I can see Kern reading this article in the morning and getting his hopes up…..until he gets to the PS. Great buildup and delivery!

  11. Sir James Hancock says:

    Well this blog was started by one or two people with a personal grudge and posted using the sir name of James Hancock just like a dozen other Tea Party blogs.

    The developers do not reside in Whitehall and have very little knowledge of reality or the true facts on issues.

    They post under different names to pretend they have more followers.

    They started with Rants about basketball and then attacked a good family for dedicating a park bench to lost children.

    You are the poster child for everything wrong about the Tea Party.

    The Tea Party jumped onboard and now you seek an agenda that pays to play, pats friends on the back, all at the expense of Good Citizens of this Township.

    Your personal agenda and misinformed attacks are destructive and have absolutely NO relevance on good government here in Whitehall or anywhere else.

    Take your trash elsewhere….and as a non-native resident myself (yes a valley transplant) I tell you to pack up and move back to Brooklyn.

    People supporting this blog ARE the dark cloud over the Great Lehigh Valley.

    We welcome all who seek a better life here. Leave your negativeness, twisted political views, jealousy, athletic vendettas, and destructive agenda where you came from.

    • Brooklyn Transplant says:

      Hey Sir James…aka Kern’s assbuddy, go fuck yourself. You’re the dark cloud over the Valley. Go ask your buddy Kern about his memorial bench. He paid to have it put up. It was all about ‘pay to play.’ Kern paid the cash and knew the right people so the IRT is now a Kern mausoleum.
      Stop coming on here and trying to cause problems. Take your head out of your ass and recognize how shitty your superhero Kern and his puppetmasters have made this town.

    • Art On 4th says:

      The creators of this blog have no personal vendetta against Kern and they are Whitehall residents. I can vouch for them.

      Don’t assume that everyone in town drinks the Kern kool-aide. He has not been an effective Commissioner and his attitude grates on a lot of people.

      Personally I think he’s a fake. He has a fake smile, he tells you what you want to hear and he gets good publicity from his buddies on the Morning Call staff. He listens to his pals who own businesses in town and never listens to the people who vote for him. He’s not running for reelection because people know he’s a fake and Hower or Brinker are better candidates and have too much backing for Kern to beat. He’s the weakest link and recognized it.

      For once Kern did the honorable thing by backing out. He’s done Whitehall a favor

      • Bronco Nagurski says:

        More Kern supporters coming over and starting trouble. If you don’t like this blog, don’t look at it or make comments.

    • CACK Supporter/Kern Opposer says:

      An April Fools Joke really seems to have enraged you. Why don’t you go sit down on a bench and relax. There’s a nice one over on the IRT trail.

    • Hower For Commissioner says:

      There’s no good government in Whitehall. It all needs an overhaul. Hower For Commissioner in November.

    • Valley Political Watch says:

      You’re misinformed about the Tea Party. He hasn’t done a very good job and the seasoned politicians have manhandled him. No matter what his intentions were, his record on the board is not very positive. Especially in the last year. Kern is bush league. He’s not a politician or even a leader. Whitehall has real problems and needs real solutions. Not a coaches pep talk.

    • If you have issues with those of us who write this blog…..too bad. CACK is a privately funded organization. Our mission statement has been the same since Day One and it has been successful apparently. Kern is not seeking another term. Mission accomplished.

      If you do not like the people who post here or believe them to be ‘fake’….again, too bad. They can take care of themselves as you’ve seen.

      You’re the person who comes on here ranting and raving. You do it under multiple names….but with the same IP address. If you’re a Kern supporter, then support him. Don’t dedicate line after line to how good of a family man he is or complain about how people here have a vendetta against him because of something having to do with basketball. Guess what? He’s not a basketball coach anymore. He failed at it and was fired. He won’t be a commissioner after November either. He voluntarily removed his name from the ballot. Why? Perhaps he realized that he was not able to do the job he was elected to do.

      I don’t think you know what good government is. People on this blog say what’s on their mind. If you don’t like it, tough.

      Brooklyn Transplant said it best: Go Fuck Yourself.

    • Frankie Coffeecake says:

      Up yours, you Kern loving crybaby.

  12. Jessie Wiessner says:

    LMAO! You had me going right up to ‘April Fools.’ Classic!!!!

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