Post Day Preparations In Effect

Post Day is fast approaching. On May 2nd, 2011 CACK supporters will adorn their lawns with the Citizens Against Commissioner Kern signs that were given out in March. Also, on Monday, the CACK billboard will be unveiled in Fullerton. To mark the beginning of the drive to the primaries, CACK will be active this weekend. On Saturday we will be at the Lehigh Valley Heritage Museum’s American Presidents gallery. On Sunday afternoon we are holding a protest walk along the Ironton Rail Trail to speak out against the “Pay To Play” policy surrounding the placement of memorial benches there. More to come on that, including news on the petition we are going to be circulating around to have the Kern bench taken down.

We’re still here. We’re still working hard and looking forward to Post Day. Commissioner Kern may be leaving office voluntarily in November, but we do not support either of his possible successors. And we recognize that it will take a while to remove the stain that Kern’s time on the commission has produced!

CACK Leadership

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4 Responses to Post Day Preparations In Effect

  1. screagle says:

    you people are crazy, maybe this shit flies in Asshole New York but you idiots moved here and should go the f*** back. The rest of those idiot commissioners are also to blame where is the blog for those ASSHOLES? GET A LIFE YOU IDIOTS!!!!

  2. People are NUTS! says:

    You people and your stupid blog are irrelevant, so you have to find anything, no matter how offensive to decent people to protest, in order to have a purpose in life. SAD!

  3. People are NUTS! says:

    You people are disgraceful! What planet do you live on anyway, clearly not EARTH! Are you going to have ALL the benches removed from the trail? HAVE YOU NEVER SEEN MEMORIAL BENCHES OR BRICKS other places before?? YOU too can sponsor a bench it’s not only for certain people. You are despicable human beings and I will be at your little protest throwing tomatos at you all. Oh ad really nice, on the Lord’s day, you will be protesting a memorial to poor little babies that didn’t get a chance at a life? You need mental health treament. SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU!

  4. Brooklyn Transplant says:

    What time are we getting together on Sunday?

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