Bench Rally Today Was Successful. Tomorrow Is Post Day

What a great day. The IRT protest went off fabulously. CACK got it’s message out and now Whitehall knows where we stand with regards to the Money Bench issue. CACK supporters were respectful and effective today in spreading the word about our organization’s goals. Some Kern supporters arrived and tried to start trouble, but our folks would not be baited. Today was a victory.

Tomorrow will be better.

Monday is Post Day. Time to get out your Citizens Against Commissioner Kern signs and post them proudly in your front yards. Tomorrow afternoon the billboard will be unveiled and that caps off an extensive weekend of festivities. Pics will be posted of the gleaming CACK billboard tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone for making today a great day!

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17 Responses to Bench Rally Today Was Successful. Tomorrow Is Post Day

  1. screagle says:

    So much for your understandIng of the Commissioner meetings. You idiot they are on a Monday night. I can see you have been to alot of them, but your sure have the Big NEW YORKER MOUTH!!! GO BACK

  2. screagle says:

    So much for nyour understandung of the Commissioner meetings. You idiot they are on a Monday night. I can see you have been to alot of them, but your sure have the Big NEW YORKER MOUTH!!! GO BACK

  3. People are NUTS! says:

    You do understand that you all look like nutcakes, posting billboards and yardsigns against someone not even running for office right? Makes you a bit creepy.

    • Kern has ruined Whitehall. Kern is a public official and in office until the end of the year. We have every right to let it be known how dissatisfied we are with him. And for the record we’re not encouraged by Hower or Brinker either. One is a union stooge and the other is a failed politician who has done nothing worthwhile for the town. Kern is leaving this town in worse shape than he got it. He was ill-equipped for the job and failed miserably.

      • Lew Gruppo says:

        Kern, Kern, Kern. He did it all by himself? Last meeting I was at it is a majority vote that rules the roost. With that said it was all from the top down that ruined Whitehall as you put it.

        Get off the man’s case. He does a ton of great work like coaches against cancer as an example.

        Just one more question, why is that all the activist hide and post under posser names and the people who actually come here and make a calm point use their real names.

        Says alot for creditability

    • Brooklyn Transplant says:

      Kern doesn’t do great work at the township building. He didn’t go great work coaching basketball. He doesn’t do anything good for Whitehall. Are you on drugs or are you a family member of his???

      • Lew Gruppo says:

        My name is Lew Gruppo, not Kern. Brooklyn education right?

        Please you really do bore me, but out of your last post I now get it, this is all about his coaching at Central… Wow are you one of the parents living their fantasy life vicariously through their children? Bet you are…..

        So let me ask you just once more, is his coaching abilities and his commissioner position just cause for entering a sacred area of someones life as to make their tragic event a part of your PERSONAL and I do mean PERSONAL attacks towards this tragedy that has happened in their lives?

        I am defending humanity and the lack of compassion displayed in today’s society towards another human being. That may fly in Brooklyn, but right here in Whitehall, most of the citizens of this close knit community are god fearing people who do not share any of the possers on this sites narrow minded views.

        while I’m at it I notice there are only two or three regulars posting here. Add to that only 5 followers on twitter and they are all spammers and you (this site) follow all the conservative people.

        We the Republicans (I am a super-voter republican) have made great strides in this community over a number of years and you mo’s are going to set us back 20 years with this personal vendetta.

        Good luck to you as I truely hope you see the error in your attitude towards another human beings tragedy.

  4. Brooklyn Transplant says:

    Love the billboard. ‘Whitehall Deserves Better.’ Damn right! Got my sign out in the yard and so do my neighbors.

  5. Government Needs To Be Reformed says:

    Jim, saw the billboard from 22 and it looks GREAT! Put some pics up when you can.

  6. Grape Street Walker says:

    The Money Bench! Great tag for it.

  7. Art On 4th says:

    LOL I loved it when that pissed off lady hurled her soda at you when you told her to go F&#* herself, Jim!!!!

    • People are NUTS! says:

      So Jim claims he was respectful in this post, yet yelled profanity to someone who didn’t agree with him? Hmmmm very interesting indeed. Who should pay for the benches on the trail if we do not have the sponsored benches? The Taxpayers? Please answer that?

      • Those benches should just be dedicated to our vets, firemen, or something like that. Why allow someone to pay for it and force the public to see their dedication day in and day out. Kern paid for a dedication on a bench that’s on public property. He paid the money and once his check cleared the IRT gladly let him put up whatever he wanted. Why are Kern’s children more important then our vets or 9/11 victims for example?

      • Art On 4th says:

        He was cursing out a lady who made a physical assault on him. He showed great self restraint. Me? I’d have called the lady a c**t because that’s what she was.

      • Lew Gruppo says:

        “citizensagainstkern: said: Why are Kern’s children more important then our vets or 9/11 victims for example?

        Seriously? Oh my god, you people are out there with this response. This man and women go through a personal tragedy that no one should every have to go through and you use that staement as your example? Please!!

        “citizensagainstkern stated:” Kern paid for a dedication on a bench that’s on public property.

        Again SERIOUSLY? Wow what an uneducated statement. there are pleny of examples of this all over the township, and this is the fight you choose? The IRT found a way to get the funds to defer the cost, make the offer, the Kern’s supporting the IRT decide to sponsor and use the sponsorship as a dedication to loved ones in their life and you bash him?

        Cementon playground is public land owned by the township and have advertisements hanging from their fences so that they can bee seen from the road. Any difference in the two? No, but are you bored out of your minds people running them down, no!!

        If someone in the area had a loved one killed in the 9/11 attack I would be supportive of them also to sponsor a bench.

        Who runs this CACK, who is on the board and so on? Please let me know because I am having a hard time with the fact that a so called action group would take a stance against anothers right to pay tribute to a personal and the key word here is personal tragedy.

        Now you don’t want the bench’s or poles with sponsorships? So I am assuming you are willing to pay for all of the bench’s and poles that the citizens who use the trail would like to see in place? Let me guess, you so called activists want the bench’s, don’t want sponsorship so what is the way you want to see them purchased, tax dollars?

        This smells like a personal vendetta and it sticks that anyone in Whitehall would dare to attack another citizen of Whitehall on such a personal sacred issue as this. All of you who support this bench issue with the group should be ashamed of yourselves.

      • Brooklyn Transplant says:

        Kern used political shenanigans to get his bench. Then he used it as a political tool. Take that bench away and Kern is at home JOing every first Thursday night instead of sitting at the township building and voting to raise our taxes.

  8. Amy Yost says:

    Great rally today. I had an excellent time, Jim. Was nice to see a lot of people agreeing that money should not be a requirement for a memorial bench. Good way you held your cool when Lou and those demonstrators showed up and tried to start trouble!

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