Citizens Against Kern Is Also Against Hower And Brinker

Make no mistake about it, Commissioner Kern’s decision not to run for office again was the right decision. For the first time in his political career Kern did what was right. However, that does not mean that CACK is welcoming the primary candidates for commissioner either. We endorse neither Hower or Brinker. Neither one is any better for Whitehall than Kern was. All we can hope for is that whoever wins will be no worse then Kern was.

The sad reality is that either Hower or Brinker will be a commissioner come January 2012. Hower’s attachment to unions makes him suspect right off the bat. Brinker’s inability to hold office or affect real change makes him equally as suspect. The future looks bleak for Whitehall and it’s residents. I hope they realize that. Enough of them realized Kern was not a good fit for the township.

This weekend encouraged CACK and showed us that we did the right thing. Quite a few voters have told us that CACK played a key role in Kern hanging up his Commissioner Decoder Ring for good. Whether or not that is true remains to be seen. What is apparent though, is that Kyle Kern was opposed by citizens of this town and now he knows how we feel. It’s evident in every yard where there is a CACK sign and wherever there is a CACK billboard.

We wish Kern would have spoke to us about our issues. But he refused to. I guess he assumed we weren’t important enough to bother with.

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