Happy Mothers Day

Even politicians have mothers. Granted, a lot of politicians are motherf***ers, nonetheless, today is the day when we celebrate our mothers. I hope all of you enjoy the day with your moms and families. Try and keep politics out of the conversation and focus on something brighter. 🙂


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9 Responses to Happy Mothers Day

  1. Lew Gruppo says:

    I gave both my first and last name because I have nothing to hide and have no skin in this game, but I do have a few questions.

    You mean to tell me with the dead wood that sits on this commission you choose Kyle Kern as a whipping boy? Check around they all have issues.

    You allow such immature responses such as the first one list her to be posted?

    I could care less what your agenda is, but grow up and make your point in a more respectful manner, these responses show nothing more than a lack of maturity and cowardness to hide behind a scree and not post who you are.

    Ever hear of cyber bullying? Check it out its on the books.

    And the bench issue, are you that cold and heartless to attack this issue? You ought to be ashemed of yourselves!!

    heartless cowards.

    • Brooklyn Transplant says:

      Hey “Lew” go fuck yourself. The commission is dead wood. Kern is the biggest piece of wood sitting there. He got his job because he used a damn bench to garner up sympathy and votes during his campaign. The only reason people voted for him is because of that friggin’ bench. He played the sympathy card. He hasn’t done a damn thing for Whitehall. He is as bad a commissioner as he was a basketball coach. Kern is a mouthpiece for his buddy at Power Reality. He raised our taxes. Him and his idiot in-laws and wife walk around town thinking their shit don’t stink and thumb their noses at everyone. Why didn’t he run again? Because CACK made it clear he would not win. So why don’t you go and suck off your buddy Kern now. If this group offends you so much why didn’t you start posting earlier?

      • Lew Gruppo says:

        Tough guy right? Post your real name toughie from Brooklyn.

        Now you simple minded uneducation twit who has no command on the english language (oh before I go any further, you eat with that foul mouth) if you wanted him out of office you could have stated your case based on issues, but all of the cronies went the personal issue and made a tragedy your personal issue to attack a man and women.

        Wow thats something to be proud of. Grow up and please by all mean go right back to Brooklyn because this miss your arrogance and lack of compassion for another human being.

  2. Lou says:

    I have heard rumors that Kyle Kern and his wife are having a nervous breakdown because of your blog. I hope that’s not true. You ugly dogs aren’t fit to wear his underwear. Quit making his life hell! Troublemakers!!!

    • screagle says:

      these people are ASSHOLES. Where do you draw the line in politics? Hey if you have ther balls to bust someone then start busting on the mentally challenged too. Oh that is out of bounds? Have some balls and go after the rest of the ASSHOLES on the Board, don’t get pissed off and attack someone for some stupid basketball issue and fuck with his family. GROW THE FUCK UP AND GET INVOLVED IT TAKES MORE BALLS TO RUN FOR OFFICE THAN WHAT YOU PUSSIES ARE DOING.

      • Brooklyn Transplant says:

        Hey shitheads. Yeah, you two with the Yocco dogs hanging out of your mouths. This is America and people here have the right to let it be known when we’re not happy.

  3. Brooklyn Transplant says:

    Happy Mothers Day! Any word on the petition? I hope the IRT folks take down that damn bench. Kern had a couple of his buddies or relatives keeping an eye on it all week.

  4. Vote For NomNom says:

    Bruce “Nomnom” Brinker is the lesser of the two evils. He’s basically a harmless eccentric who will not make things worse. Hower is financed and run by the union. He does their biding.

  5. Ramsey Burke says:

    Kern is a motherfucker of a politician. Happy Mothers Day

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