Whitehall Casts It’s Ballots

5,194 Whitehall residents went to the polls yesterday and voted for Township Commissioner in the Primary Election. Dennis Hower received the most votes out of all the candidates. The results are below.

Dennis Hower- 1079

Clair Hunsberger-1077

Bruce “Nom Nom” Brinker- 1052

Phil Ginder- 1029

Ken Snyder- 957

As you can see, the vote counts were very evenly distributed. In the race for mayor Hozza won an easy victory, ensuring a few more years of “Hozzbollah” rule in Whitehall. Because this town is so heavily Democrat, yesterday’s winners are also the November 2011 winners too. Where Whitehall goes from here is anyone’s guess. It will be an interesting ride and CACK will be here through it all.

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11 Responses to Whitehall Casts It’s Ballots

  1. Ban The Bench says:

    So what is the next step? Send letters to Hozza and the commissioners and ask them officially to investigate the benches on the trail?

  2. I heard Nom Nom Brinker blames this blog for not getting the most votes.

  3. Vito Frangelini says:

    The attitude of some jerks on here is appalling. The reason the LV is so modern and nice now is cuz of the people that moved here from NY and NJ. If you don’t like it then thats tough. Get over it because we aint going anywhere. Now for the election…we need some new candidates next year who are sympathetic to the needs of transplants like me. We are moving this place now, not the people whove been here forever and sit on their butts all day complaining.

  4. I Voted For Nom Nom Brinker says:

    My vote was wasted. Should have stayed home and banged my wife instead.

  5. Frank On Eberhart says:

    Did anybody hear why Kern did not run again? I heard some talk about it when I was voting. A lady said that he is moving from town next year. Can you confirm that?

  6. Brooklyn Transplant says:

    This is a GREAT DAY for Whitehall! The rubes who live here proved again that inbreeding leads to bad voting habits. LMAO

  7. Planet Grog says:

    The results in the Morning Call are confusing. Who won and who lost?

  8. Lou says:

    Happy now CACK??? You idiots shoved a good candidate off the ballot and now Whitehall has to deal with stooges on the commission.

  9. Zephyr Mom says:

    The only good thing about yesterday is that Kern was not on the ballot.

  10. Art On 4th says:

    I’m disappointed in more ways then one. People were suckered into voting for Hower even though he’s 100 percent pro-union. That means our taxes will skyrocket in the next couple of years. Teachers, cops and other unionized township workers will get their fat raises and pensions at our expense because they have one of their own on the commission now. I hate to say it but my fellow citizens are retards

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