The Dialogue With Our Commissioners Appears To Be Closed

Opening a meaningful dialogue with the people who run Whitehall is difficult when you call them on all the bad decisions they are making. Or maybe it’s just difficult in general for the average citizen to have a meaningful conversation about the state of Whitehall with any township politicians. I don’t know. In all honestly, I think it’s probably easier for Chinese citizens to speak to their Politburo members. For months CACK has tried to open a dialogue with Commissioner Kern. Our efforts were rebuffed entirely. However, Kern had no trouble in finding the email address of a private citizen and harassing him when that citizen posted some unflattering remarks about Kern on a public message board. Maybe it’s me but does there not seem to be a double standard at work here?

It doesn’t matter. Kern refuses to address the concerns of his constituents. So come January CACK will make an effort to work with his successor. In the meantime, CACK will continue to look for answers wherever we can. Whitehall continues to slide down, even though most of the idiots who went to vote last week apparently drank the kool aid that the Democrats were handing out.

The first move will be to open lines of communication with the Ironton Rail Trail. CACK wants to know the facts behind the Bench issue. Rumors and suspicions abound but the IRT officials have refused to confirm or deny them. I don’t understand why we are being stonewalled. What are they hiding? Who or what are they trying to protect? The trail is a great asset for Whitehall and the surrounding towns but we deserve to know the circumstances that led to the issuing of the memorial benches.

Time will tell if the IRT agrees or just continues to stonewall us.

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3 Responses to The Dialogue With Our Commissioners Appears To Be Closed

  1. Sam Kissel says:

    Ask the retailers on MacArthur how great Whitehalls politicians have been. The Whitehall mall is a ghost town and taxes keep going up while the town throws more and more money in that crap hole.

  2. Zephyr Mom says:

    I have lived in this town for over twenty years and have never heard a peep from the mayor or commissioners unless they want my vote. That tells you how open their lines of communication are, Jim.

  3. LewD says:

    You’re beating a dead horse. Kern or any of the other comms aren’t going to talk to anybody in your group. You made them all look bad and insulted them in your posts.

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