A Request To The IRT From A Disabled Veteran

Zach Murphy is a friend of mine. He was wounded in Afghanistan and lost his left leg above the knee. He is not a Whitehall resident, or a resident of the Valley, but he comes to visit on occasion. I hadn’t seen Zach for a couple of months, but we kept in daily contact. He follows the blog and offers me advice, and constructive criticism on the posts. This past weekend Zach came down for a visit. He wanted to see the ‘infamous trail and bench’ that so many people commented about on the CACK blog. So I took him over there and we walked a bit of the trail. He was a little surprised that there was no memorial for America’s warriors anywhere on the trail. I explained that the benches and such are all part of the ‘pay to play’ atmosphere out here. It’s a version of the ‘old boy network’ and typically politician. He wasn’t angered about that. Zach is a smart guy and he knows how things really work. But I could tell he was a bit put off and asked some questions about the IRT and why they wouldn’t place a soldiers memorial anywhere on the trail especially, as he put it, since the military is “trendy again and these suburban people love to be trendy.” I laughed, he’s right. Politicians especially love to show their ‘patriotism’ and support the military even though few of them have served in uniform. I mean honestly, when did Hozza, Kern or Hower deploy?

Zach did ask that I put a request up in my next post. He’d like for the IRT people to reconsider their decision about a military memorial bench or plaque. He’s right. If the IRT can play politics then it can dedicate a bench to fallen US soldiers. They’ve done more for the IRT, Whitehall and America than any commissioner has after all.

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9 Responses to A Request To The IRT From A Disabled Veteran

  1. Ellen Wachinowski says:

    Memorial Day is a time for reflection and thanks to our soldiers. If the commissioners in this town had a fraction of the integrity that soldiers do Whitehall would be better off. They don’t though.

  2. Whitehall Vet says:

    Brooklyn, maybe. Your name sounds familiar. You part of the VFW or AL?

  3. Lou says:

    Why do you have to knock a guy like Kern because he never wore a uniform? You get more bitter as time goes on. face it, Kern is a better man then you are

  4. Amy Yost says:

    Whitehall’s leaders do an excellent job of abusing the rights that our soldiers fought and died for.

  5. Brooklyn Transplant says:

    Happy Memorial Day to all of the politicos who abuse the freedom that veterans fought to preserve. Kern never wore a uniform, but this ‘lowly’ transplant from Brooklyn did.

    Tony Spatafori US Navy 89-94

    Whitehall vet, do we know each other, bro?

  6. Whitehall Vet says:

    Thank you for your support and if there’s any way I can help you with the IRT, let me know.

    Joe Knox USN 1988-1995

  7. Brooklyn Transplant says:

    The VFW hauled an F-14 Tomcat up to Cementon and put it on display. So why can’t the IRT put a memorial up on the trail?

  8. Bronco Nagurski says:

    That’s a good message for Memorial Day weekend. I dont think the IRT board will listen, they’re too ignorant. Maybe you can start up a petition to get them to put up a memorial bench for our troops.

  9. June Wismer says:

    God Bless our troops!

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