Kern-el Khadaffy

It’s only a matter of time before Libyan leader Muammar Khadaffy is removed from power voluntarily or otherwise. In essence he is a lame duck leader now, sitting back and doing little as his days in power wind down. Commissioner Kern is also a lame duck. He will remain in his position until the beginning of the new year. What he decides to do with his remaining time in office is up in the air. Whitehall is facing a number of problems and issues. Whether Kern decides to help fix them, or if he simply chooses to run out the clock remains to be seen. If he does nothing then the Kern era will draw to a quiet end. He’ll ride off into the sunset confident that his legacy is one of having done little to effect positive change in Whitehall. We hope he decides to do something in his time left to show Whitehall that he did actually care. We’ll have to see how it goes. Here’s hoping the Lame Duck Commissioner has something left to show us.

Is This Your Whitehall Township Commissioner?

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9 Responses to Kern-el Khadaffy

  1. Amy Yost says:

    What???? Kern had an affair at the library with his wife’s cousin??????? Shannon and Whitey, where did you hear that??

  2. I Miss Borders says:

    First Borders goes out of business and now the library may close. Why are all facets of education departing Whitehall??

  3. Shannon Mayer says:

    Years ago when my husband worked for Mack Trucks he found out a co-worker’s wife was cheating on him with a cousin’s husband. That husband might or might not be a government official in Whitehall. But needless to say the marriage ended in divorce and my husband’s co-worker was crestfallen. But he recovered.

  4. Art On 4th says:

    The Commissioner is going to do the same thing that he’s done for the last few years. Nothing. Tell me I’m wrong, Jim!

  5. Whitey Black says:

    Jim, rumor has it that a certain current commissioner has been meeting his mistress in the library parking lot after hours. I don’t know anything else other than his wife has no idea her politico hubby is cheating on her.

  6. Grape Street Walker says:

    Kern is not going to support the library or anything educational. He’s a dumb jock. If it was a new football stadium, he’d pony up for that right away.

  7. Bronco Nagurski says:

    Kern-El Khadaffy. I’m pissing my pants laughing! LOL

  8. Brooklyn Transplant says:

    I wonder if Kern is going to do anything to save the Library. It’s up on the chopping block come November. Really sad when the township has to cut it’s library just to pay off the overpaid cops and public employees

  9. Shlomo Epstein says:

    Politicians all over the world are part of the same breed. Kern is going to sit back on his laurels and accomplish nothing in the time he has left in office.

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