Is Kern A Weiner?

Last week some readers contacted CACK and also posted messages on the boards about rumors of infidelity swirling around a current Whitehall Commissioner. Naturally, some folks contacted us here to find out if we knew anything and to offer their opinions and rumors. As it stands, CACK has no evidence that Commissioner Kern or any other elected official in Whitehall is cheating on their spouses. If any reader does, then we’ll be glad to listen. However, you must have INCONTROVERTIBLE PROOF before making an accusation. Emails or posts that say simply “I Think Kern Is Cheating” or “I think Snyder is Cheating” are not enough for CACK to act.
CACK will not openly accuse anyone. As far as we’re concerned, we could care less what people do with regards to their marriages. Yet we recognize that with the recent batch of political-sex scandals in the news, Whitehallians are wondering if their elected officials are as pious as they appear to be.

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10 Responses to Is Kern A Weiner?

  1. Bench Warmer says:

    Kern raised taxes. He was opposed to an IRS investigation. He is out of touch with Whitehall citizens. His name seems to come up whenever corruption is mentioned. Kern may deserve a cell instead of a bench.

  2. Zack Wallach says:

    This is the problem with pols. What kind of sick fuck would cheat on his wife with one of her relatives! Sounds like a Jerry Springer episode. If it’s one of the Whitehall commissioners then I hope it all comes out! Impeach them

  3. Grape Street Walker says:

    A politician who the MCall is sweet on? Local? Commissioner?

  4. Shannon Mayer says:

    Paparazzi, you’re talking about the same guy I was too. Yep the Morning Call only published positive stories about this guy. Not negative ones.

  5. Norbie says:

    If I was Kern I’d find some strange on the side. His wife has the face of a mackerel. And the nose of a parrot

  6. Lew(D) says:

    Swipehall is nothing but crooks. I still want to know who the guy was who was getting oral sex in the library parking lot one night at 3 AM. I KNOW it was an elected official.

  7. Bench Warmer says:

    Politicians lie to us all of the time. Why should it be a surprise that they lie to their wives and husbands? Washington or Whitehall, it’s all the same

  8. Yoccos Weiners says:

    Somebody is pulling somebody elses weiner lol

  9. Steve Sanchez says:

    I don’t care who is doing what either. But the truth is nobody’s doing what is right for Whitehall

  10. Paparazzi Pete says:

    I know for a fact that a commissioner cheated on his wife six years ago and the Morning Call had the info but covered it up because the guy in question was a favorite of the paper. He cheated with a relative of the wife and the wife never found out.

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