Whitehall Politics-Contractor Scandal To Come To Light Next Week

A source has informed me that next week the Express Times will release a story on a scandal involving a Whitehall politician and a Northampton based home building/contracting business. In 2008 a Whitehall politician allegedly hired the business to perform updates to his/her home and paid nothing for it. In exchange, the company was awarded contracts in 2009 and 2010. The Morning Call has been lax in reporting this even though, as my source has stated, they’ve known about it for some time and have had the evidence. The Express Times is running the story sometime next week so keep your eyes open for it. It’s yet another example of how firmly graft and corruption are embedded in Whitehall.

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9 Responses to Whitehall Politics-Contractor Scandal To Come To Light Next Week

  1. Crazy Denise says:

    What is the big deal about dedicating a bench to your dead kids? Kern had the influence and the money to make it happen. If any of us could do it, we would too. I don’t think he was given special treatment because he’s a politician. He was given special treatment because he’s a good guy. Cut him a break.

  2. Bench Warmer says:

    Kern raised taxes. He was opposed to an IRS investigation. He is out of touch with Whitehall citizens. His name seems to come up whenever corruption is mentioned. Kern may deserve a cell instead of a bench.

  3. Grape Street Walker says:

    Kern’s a dirty pol? Not a surprise. Supposedly he cheated on his wife with one of her cousins from what I hear. Now he’s milking Whitehall of more money for his cronies. Great

  4. Eddie Falco says:

    I think I know the company you’re talking about. It’s in Northampton on Nor-Bath Blvd. Yeah, they’re related to one of the whitehall coms. Dont know if its Kern or not though.

  5. Brooklyn Transplant says:

    Paul, it could’ve been any of the shysters. None of them are above a little chicanery and pay to play. We’ve seen that enough. Kern, Snyder and the rest are all typical politicians. Hower is different only because he’s a union thug. Our taxes are going up very high and very soon.

  6. Paul Jolliet says:

    I bet it was Kern. He had relatives do work on his house and they own a company somewhere in the Valley.

  7. Sal Arietta says:

    I lived in Whitehall for ten years. I’m moving my family out at the end of the summer. How can any town seriously consider getting rid of its library? The politics I’ve tolerated but why start dismantling services that people enjoy just to make sure the union backed public employees can have their raises. Another scandal is icing on the cake.
    New Jersey, here I come!

  8. Griff Berzekinski says:

    This should be easy enough to figure out before the story comes out. Check the township records and see what firms were awarded contracts in 2009 and 10.

  9. Art On 4th says:

    What a shock. Corruption in the town government. How much work was done on this guy’s house? What kind of sweet contracts did the company get? I bet I have an idea about who the company is at least.

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