Weekend IRT Bench Demonstration in Whitehall And Judge Yetter Protest in Easton

The upcoming weekend will be a busy one. A sister group, People Against Judge Yetter is holding a protest in Easton on Saturday Morning and has asked CACK members to drop by as a show of support. If you’d like to head over there, please email us at CitizensAgainstKern@gmail.com and we’ll give you the details.

As for CACK, this Sunday we will be holding another demonstration against the Ironton Rail Trail and the pay-to-play policy that governs the memorial benches there. We will gather at 9:00 AM on Sunday at the IRT entrance off of Columbia Street. If you’d like to join us, email CitizensAgainstKern@gmail.com for more information.

IRT Memorial Bench- Sold To The Highest Bidder

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13 Responses to Weekend IRT Bench Demonstration in Whitehall And Judge Yetter Protest in Easton

  1. Good People Welcome says:

    As I recall, there was an article in the Whitehall Coplay press about the Commissioner who located, purchased and delivered the train wheels to make the benches in your photo. All materials, labor and expense were donated. A great example of how community minded people give back to their community. There are other memorials along the trail dedicated and maintained by the family members. Whitehall is fortunate to have so many good people who unselfishly give back to their community.

  2. Filthy LeRoy says:

    I played against CCHS when Kern coached them. We used to laugh at his goofy pre-game preparations and the way his wife used to be the team mascot. Always cheering and shit. I swear when the halftime horn blared it came from her nose LOL it was huge. But yea Kern sucked as a coach. Straight up jock sniffer.

  3. Lou says:

    Why are you still here? Why are you defaming Kyle Kern so much? What has he done to you? Leave him alone you jerkoffs!

  4. Crazy Denise says:

    Y’all should give Kern more consideration. He’s not a bad guy.

  5. Shannon Moyer says:

    I don’t say this about many people but I think Comm. Kern is a liar and two faced. He’s not half as nice as he comes across. He thinks his poop doesn’t stink because he was a basketball coach at Central.

  6. Fat Jeff says:

    Watch out, Jim. Kern’s probably going to pay some Spanish kids from Allentown to desecrate his bench and blame you for it. He’s that kind of guy. So be wary. Kern thinks you’re an enemy of his

  7. Whitehall Politics Are A Joke says:

    Jim, I think you should start a group called Citizens Against Hozza. That bastard has the voters completely fooled. He’s as big a liar and cheater as any commissioner, I think.

  8. Holbert Mulrooney says:

    Kern never responds to your requests for a talk does he? His wife probably won’t let him

  9. Vinny Wang says:

    Ban The Bench! Fire Yetter!

  10. Amy Yost says:

    Is that the Kern bench on the picture above?

  11. Brooklyn Transplant says:

    Another weekend, another protest of the corrupt Kern bench. I’m in!

  12. Warren Lang says:

    You people are taking on jerk offs across the Valley. First Kern and now the idiot in Easton. Yetter is worse then Kern.

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