CACK: Mission Accomplished

November is three months away and the election results in Whitehall are already a foregone conclusion. Commissioner Kern is not up for re-election and CACK is not supportive of his successor. We have made our feelings clear on the IRT bench scandal. CACK signs are still up around town, which is very heartening to see.
At the end of a long reflection, it’s now clear that Citizens Against Commissioner Kern has achieved it’s goal. Kern will not be in office come January, 2012. The purpose of this organization was to help ‘unelect’ Kern in November. Happily, Kern has pulled himself from the race for reasons unknown. Perhaps CACK played a roll. This much is certain: CACK has succeeded.
The future is wide open. This blog and organization will continue, as will our concern for the welfare of Whitehall. The township continues to founder. Lack of leadership is trickling down and being felt in all quarters. The economy has not yet recovered nationally. At home it’s the same story and the consequences are being felt by everyone. Our taxes go up, yet, the public employees continue to draw their inflated salaries. That in itself is enough to harp on for months.

Closer to home, the proposed closing of the library is an issue I have a personal interest in. I believe that every town should have a free public library for its residents to access. It’s bad enough that the United States is becoming a nation of idiots and retards. However, when a township wants to close a library instead of scaling back sports programs, it sends the wrong signals to our kids and people in general.

I wish I knew my Commissioner’s position on these issues, but Kern doesn’t make his opinions public. You’d think that a public official would consider that to be a responsibility or something.

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One Response to CACK: Mission Accomplished

  1. tisroc says:

    Your not kidding about public employees inflating their salaries. Slick Hozza’s salary is going to be raised from the current $78,115. As soon as Slick Hozza got back from the Holiday’s on Jan 11 he signed ORDINANCE NO 2848. Our generous spending Board of Commissioners bumped the Hozza salary to a Wowzza $83,628 in 2012 and $85,300.56 in 2014. This guy gets sleep another 4 years because he has no battle in November. This is lovely in a time where the constituents are getting short changed or even laid off by their employers. Not to mention the Whitehall Township estate tax went up 14.29%, School tax up 3.87%, and County estate up 16.1%. I can’t stand this crap!

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