Election Day Is Behind Us. What Is In Store For Whitehall?

Somehow it seems nearly impossible that 2012 can be any worse for the town than 2011. In the last year we have seen political power plays and scandal, a rise in crime around the town, the closing of long time retail businesses on MacArthur Road and of course, there was the Porkus Maximus saga. Last week some of Whitehall’s citizenry spoke at the polls. Their choices were pre-ordianed more or less, however, come January there will be new blood infused into the Whitehall township government.

What shape will the Commission take in 2012? The truth is no one knows. Hower and Brinker did not make much mention about their intentions. They offered the same broad strokes that politicians are known for, yet nothing specific. The mayor is a lost cause. Hozza is more inclined towards businesses and the unions than he is to his constituents. Kern is leaving and while that is a positive step, we don’t know what his successors will bring. Hopefully no more bench scandals or incompetence, but this is Whitehall. Anything is possible!

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2 Responses to Election Day Is Behind Us. What Is In Store For Whitehall?

  1. Scott says:

    You jackasses are the only ones who made up “Bench Scandal”. No one with half a brain would think it’s a scandal.

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