Another Blunder From The Morning Call

Let’s be honest about something. The Morning Call is a second rate newspaper and has been for some time. As the Lehigh Valley expands and attempts to better itself, the Morning Call has not kept up. The reporters are borderline incompetent and their stories are often vague, lacking in facts and generally lightweight compared to other newspapers. Favoritism reigns supreme there as has been experienced by a number of this blog’s readers. Stories written about local figures whom the newspaper’s personnel deem as a friend are borderline propaganda. On the website readers post comments at their own risk. If you badmouth a politician who has friends at the paper then there is a good chance that politico will wind up with your contact information, which the paper assures it’s readers is ‘private.’

Now the Morning Call has stuck it’s beak into the Penn State scandal, apparently looking to make a splash. The paper published a story claiming that an email sent by Mike McQueary to a friend specified that he did contact police after he allegedly walked in on former coach Sandusky sexually assaulting an underage boy. This information is contrary to what McQueary’s story. I am not going to leap into the Penn State mess, but it’s safe to say that the Morning Call’s story has done nothing but add fuel to an already out of control fire.

Bottom line: When an inept newspaper breaks a story like this, keep in mind the paper’s history. It’s not the New York Times, but a local penny saver more or less. Next time leave the hard investigating to the Big Boys, Morning Call.

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6 Responses to Another Blunder From The Morning Call

  1. Bronco Nagurski says:

    MCall readers are dolts. You hit the nail on the head about the paper playing favorites. Kern had a friend there who gave him the phone and email addresses of people who posted negative comments about him. Nice, eh?

  2. Lou says:

    You’re back and causing more trouble. Leave the Morning Call alone! Your blog is filled with hate for the Valley and lies.

  3. Schleppy Watson says:

    Joe Paterno was innocent in all of this. His role was fabricated so PSU could get rid of him and all semblances of his time.

  4. Whitey Black says:

    Quit criticizing the Morning Call. It’s an excellent paper and keeps people informed. I’m impressed with the job it has done with the Penn State Scandal and hope it keeps up the good work

  5. Brooklyn Transplant says:

    You’re right it’s not the NY Times and this is hillbilly land, not NY. Don’t expect a good story by these newspaper hacks in PA

  6. Walt Moyer says:

    The Morning Call is an embarasment to the Valley and it has to stop putting Penn State in such a favorable light. Penn State did much wrong and should be held accountable, not coddled. The Morning Call is coddling

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