Whitehall-Coplay Schools Shifting Focus Towards Academic Achievements?

Wow, talk about timing. I bash the Morning Call yesterday for being a provincial bubba newspaper and today they publish an article about how academic achievements are receiving their well deserved accolades in Whitehall and Coplay. A link to the article is available at the bottom of this post. It seems like John Corby and I are on the same page regarding this. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks priorities have been out of whack in Whitehall and Coplay schools.


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7 Responses to Whitehall-Coplay Schools Shifting Focus Towards Academic Achievements?

  1. Ban The Bench says:

    One of our commissioners is a stereotypical dumb jock. But he’s out in January and the reason he’s leaving, according to a rumor, is that the nerds set up a blog and ran him off the council. Go Nerds!!!

  2. Zephyr Mom says:

    My daughter received an academic scholarship and Whitehall gave her no recognition. Sad, very sad. Glad to see things will be changing

  3. Bronco Nagurski says:

    It’s a culture problem, Jim. Whitehall has a culture of praising athletes because most of it’s citizens are attracted to the lowest common denominator. Football over physics. Jocks get praise and advantages by the school and the people. It doesn’t work that way at my place of employment, thankfully.

  4. Phil Ashley says:

    Commissioner Kern was a whitehall jock and coach. He used his past achievements to get into office and dragged the whole town down. We dont need more dumb jocks in office. Someone with a brain would be better

  5. Amy Moyer says:

    Finally! Common sense prevails in government LOL

  6. Neil Schlepinski says:

    Whitehall should be proud of it’s athletes. This is a blue collar town and the people get pumped up by how great our zephyrs do. Academic achievement is selfish and only about one kid. Team sports is about the whole town

  7. Lou says:

    what’s wrong with athletic accomplishments??? Touchdowns are great. We honor our heroes

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