A Whitehall Citizen’s Note To Santa

Christmas season is upon the Lehigh Valley. Santa is down at the mall. The focus of guys around the area has turned to high school basketball since the Eagles are playing like crap. In Northampton the township is preparing for it’s signature New Years Eve Celebration and from Lower Saucon to Slatington the smell of sweet bologna and cream cheese hangs in the air like a damp blanket. Ah! How I love the holidays.

In the spirit of the season, I am putting my Christmas wish out there for Santa and whoever else reads this blog to see.

Dear Santa,

2011 has been a good year in some respects, and bad in others. Citizens Against Commissioner Kern has achieved it’s goals for the year. In January a new group of commissioners will take power in Whitehall. But the new members are unknown entities. To be honest, they worry me somewhat. A union official and a guy who has been elected and unelected more times than I can count. I’m not convinced they have the backbone or the desire to make the right decisions for Whitehall. I hope I am wrong. So, for Christmas this year I want the new commissioners to be men who are competent and care about this town. Whitehall needs a break. Our taxes have risen again this year, we have had to fight tooth and nail to save our library and watched our commissioners spend more time deciding the fate of a pot bellied pig than they do the issue of raising taxes.

Santa, I know I am asking for a lot, but you gave me what I wanted last year. Please give Whitehall another great gift for 2012.

Your Friend,


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One Response to A Whitehall Citizen’s Note To Santa

  1. Christy Hinkle says:

    Merry Christmas, Jim! I’ll ask Santa for the same thing.

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