Misplaced Priorities? An Ex-Coach (And At The Time A Sitting Whitehall Commissioner) Tries To Get The Public To Support Coaches Vs. Cancer

Back in October Kyle Kern distributed a letter to schools around the Lehigh Valley in the hopes of selling tickets for a benefit breakfast held at Lehigh University for Coaches vs. Cancer. Below is the text of Kern’s letter.


Tonyehn and the Coaches vs Cancer of Lehigh Valley committee has been trying to reach out to you and your boys and girls basketball coaches about the coming event on this upcoming Sunday morning – October 30th at Lehigh University.

This is a great opportunity for your coaches to be unified with other local coaches, ADs, and the general local public to help the ACS cause. Many of your schools were very active this past season with the designated CvC games. This Tip-Off breakfast is a great arena for them to hear more about the cause and to hear a fabulous speaker who has been involved with sports, the cause, and in general he is a very inspirational speaker – Coach Robert Hurley Sr from the infamous St. Anthony’s High School located in Jersey City, NJ.

Each of your boys and girls staffs have the opportunity to join the event free of charge! All they have to do is reach out to Tonyehn directly with how many people will attend that day. This event could be leverage as an opportunity to have some of their volunteers in attendance as well. Players, parents, and the general public are welcomed as well. It’s not just isolated to the basketball sport – you may have a coach from another sport that could benefit from the event! It would wonderful if we could have at least one representative from each of your schools in attendance.

Thanks for your support and please pass this information to others!

I guess I don’t understand why Kern is even still a part of Coaches Vs. Cancer. He is an ex-coach, or, more accurately, an ex-head coach. Be that as it may, the breakfast was scheduled to be held on the weekend when the big October Nor’easter came and wreaked havoc and had to be rescheduled. I do not know if or when it was, but in the weeks before, Kern sure pulled out all of the stops to try and get people there to see Bobby Hurley. I don’t blame him. Hurley is a legend and if there’s one thing people in this area cherish, it’s sports legends. So Kern distributed a letter to area high schools.

I guess I wish Kern would have had the decency to be so active in his town’s politics. A letter to the voters explaining why he was supporting a tax raise would have done wonders. People would have seen that Kern cares. Unfortunately, his lack of dialogue with the constituents indicates that he may not have cared. It matters little now as the Kern Era enters into it’s final days. Nevertheless, Kern went all out for an organization but could not apply the same enthusiasm for the job which a slim majority of voters elected him to do.

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5 Responses to Misplaced Priorities? An Ex-Coach (And At The Time A Sitting Whitehall Commissioner) Tries To Get The Public To Support Coaches Vs. Cancer

  1. Jeff Shinawski says:

    I live in Whitehall and tried to contact Com. Kern numerous times to find out why he supported a tax raise last December. He never got back to me. So I am offended that Kern devotes so much energy to coaches v cancer and devotes very little to his jobs. Whitehall is better off without him.

  2. Chuck Regal says:

    I don’t understand how Kyle Kern can still be a part of Coaches Vs Cancer. He was canned by Central almost two years ago. He must feel out of place being around all of those guys who are still coaches.

  3. Coplay Blows says:

    When Kern leaves in January tell him to take his damn bench with him

  4. Bronco Nagurski says:

    Kern could have gotten some pointers from Hurley about how to coach.

  5. Grape Street Walker says:

    Kern’s leaving office and it’s sad to see he didn’t give Whitehall the attention it needed but he managed to make sure his favorite charity was well taken care of.

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