Which Sphere Of Influence Does The Lehigh Valley Belong In?

Geographically, the Lehigh Valley is uniquely placed. A look at the map shows that the Valley is almost equidistant from New York City and Philadelphia. Rt.78 runs east from the Valley into North Jersey and will get you to the Lincoln Tunnel and Manhattan. The Pennsylvania Turnpike’s Northeast Extension goes from the Valley south to the Philadelphia area. The Valley is close to New York and Philly in other ways too. Many folks live here and work in either city. There are as many Yankee and Giant fans here as there are Phillies and Eagle fans. The local television stations carry both NY and Philadelphia network affiliates.
So, which sphere of influence does the Valley belong in? Is it the westernmost outpost of the NYC empire or the northernmost outpost of the Philly metro area. No, Philly doesn’t have an empire, but NYC does. Let’s be honest. I know a lot of natives like to think that the Lehigh Valley is an are with it’s own identity. Personally, I don’t buy it. Take a trip to another part of the country and tell people you’re from the Lehigh Valley. Chances are, they’ll have no idea where that is.
I’m eager to hear opinions from Lehigh Valley natives and transplants. How do you see the Valley?

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6 Responses to Which Sphere Of Influence Does The Lehigh Valley Belong In?

  1. Pete Hamdun says:

    Jim your post about transplants last year said it all. There’s a divide between the population here. If you were born here you want it to stay the same. If you’re from NY or NJ you want modern conveniences and things like that. Culture war is being waged here

  2. Mr.Chow says:

    I come to the Valley from Queens four years ago for better life with my family. We open up restaurant business, make nice living but the people here are fat, sloppy and ignorant. Not the ones from NY or Phil but the locals. Rednecks. I think about leaving but more and more people from NY are coming here making things better. Maybe soon we can say toodleoo motherf***er to the ignorant valley hicks and inbreds. HA HA HA!

  3. D&B says:

    Philadelphia is a cesspool. While we live in Penn I’m embarassed to be affiliated with that place.

  4. Lucky Strikes says:

    The Valley is a great place to live and raise a family. That’s why so many people come here from other places

  5. Shannon Moyer says:

    New York is more exciting and fun. I’m a native and we never go to Philly but New York every few weekends. Much more to do there.

  6. Brooklyn Transplant says:

    The LV is in the NYC area. Face it. Things didn’t improve out here until NY and NJ people came pouring out here. The Philly mooks were always here and this place was a rat hole for years. The LV has it’s own identity? Oh, hot dog shacks and beer halls equals culture?

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