MacArthur Rd & Rt.22- The Border Between Good And Allentown

Head south along MacArthur road from Whitehall, go past the Lehigh Valley Mall, cross Rt.22 and you’re pretty much on the outskirts of Baghdad. The people become seedier, the streets dirtier and your chances of becoming involved in a crime increase. You’re driving deeper and deeper into the heart of Allentown. Make sure you have your body armor.

Let’s be honest. Allentown is a ghetto. Violent crime is a daily occurrence. Drug use is rampant. Many of the native residents are outright scum bags who kill their children, beat innocent bystanders and rob every business in the Valley in search of money for their next score. And they’re of all colors. Black, white, Puerto Rican, etc. There’s no stereotype or racism involved here. A lot of the folks down there are homicidal scum bags. It doesn’t matter how many arenas they build or how many neighborhoods the city revitalizes, Allentown will continue to be Baghdad West. The people should demand that the governor activate the National Guard and send a surge of troops into Allentown to clean it up.

But that won’t happen. A-town is going to keep on sliding down the steep slope into the abyss. As the decline continues, though, more and more of the trash from Allentown is coming north across Rt.22 and causing trouble in Whitehall. Shootings at Walmart, fights at the mall, robberies up and down MacArthur. What is the township doing about it? The situation is becoming worse and worse. Like a virus, crime is infecting Whitehall and our immune system is doing little about it.

Crime needs to become an issue in 2012. The new board of commissioners has to be pressured to act decisively. This is an opportunity for the new commissioners to show us if they are made of stern stuff or if they’re wimps. At the next meeting CACK members will be there and intend to ask the commission what they are doing to keep Whitehall safe. Here’s hoping we get some valuable answers before this town becomes a ghetto like Allentown.

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3 Responses to MacArthur Rd & Rt.22- The Border Between Good And Allentown

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  2. Will Tan says:

    Allentown should be renamed San Juan.

  3. The True Christian says:

    Scum like you should not be allowed to even blog. You are hateful and mean and racist.

    Your call to activate the national guard shows how much of an insane idiot you are.
    Suck my balls.

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