Doomsday 2012 Preparing For The Apocalypse In Whitehall And The Lehigh Valley

Seems that a lot of people are worried that the Mayan’s were right and December 2012 could be the end of civilization on earth. To be frank, I don’t buy it. However, one simply has to read the daily newspaper to see that there are a number of catastrophic scenarios that could occur at any time that would have monumental consequences on life as we know it. Here in the Lehigh Valley, there are a number of people prepping for Doomsday. I’m preparing too, but not exactly for Doomsday. The supplies I am buying, etc could be used during any natural disaster or man-made catastrophe from terrorist attack to blizzard.

In Whitehall most of the ‘preppers’ are bumpkins who believe the myths about FEMA camps and Obama being the Anti-Christ. I’m not one of them, but preparing is smart. I’m working on protection at the moment because it’s a high priority. I want my family kept safe if a catastrophe befalls the Valley. And if it does, you can be sure the criminals and scum from Allentown are going to come scurrying up MacArthur Road looking to steal, rape and pillage Whitehall. Hell, they’re already doing that on a smaller scale every day. Face it, to the south of us is a pack of animals who will use violence to get what they want and need. There aren’t enough police in the entire county to stop them if they decide to come north so it will be up to Whitehall’s citizens to protect ourselves. Tomorrow, I will post advice about how you can go about preparing in detail.

You Need One Of These In Your Front Yard.....

To Stop Animals Like This From Harming Your Loved Ones

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