Nostalgia Stunts Whitehall & Lehigh Valley Growth

Locals in the Lehigh Valley love to live in the past. Last year was so much better than this year. The Valley was a much better place before the New Yorkers moved in. Remember when A-Treat Cola was 5 cents? Now it’s a dollar! Yocco’s hot dog sauce was better before the recipe changed.

I’ve heard it all and frankly, I’m disgusted. This weekend’s Morning Call article about the 1982 Whitehall Zephyrs basketball squad did little to assuage my feelings. Here we are in the 21st century and people in Whitehall are still looking back proudly at a thirty year old school athletics championship. Iran is building nuclear weapons, the economy isn’t back to speed and yet, too many Whitehall residents it’s 1982 all over again.

This town is behind the curve. The same can be said for the entire region. Sad, sad, sad

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4 Responses to Nostalgia Stunts Whitehall & Lehigh Valley Growth

  1. 1982 Whitehall Champions says:

    Basketball and football are important here. Do not be jealous because guys who were on that team are treated special. You haven’t done anything but bash Kyle Kern and Whitehall. Kyle is one of us and we’ll defend him

  2. Brooklyn Transplant says:

    FDNY these jokers are not

  3. Wayne Hausman says:

    Lightning hit the township building AGAIN. That’s the only time our glorious drunk fireman get to put out a fire

  4. Brooklyn Transplant says:

    You said it all. Sad. Whitehall is like those pathetic towns in Mississippi that live and die with their high school sports

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