What If Trayvon Martin Had Been White?

Lets be honest. The entire Treyvon Martin tragedy is fast becoming a circus thanks to the media and opportunistic activists like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. As William Bennett stated in an opinion piece on cnn.com, more people are interested in seeking personal gain rather than justice. Alas, that is indicative of the direction American society has been moving in over the past twenty five or so years.  The truth is irrelevant to many people involved in the case. George Zimmerman, although not formally charged with murder, has been found guilty by the media, Trayvon’s supporters and millions of casual observers across the globe. The tragic death of a black teenager is being exploited ruthlessly, in some cases for profit. Voices of reason are going unheard and a mob mentality is prevailing, and the media is only fueling it.

                Let’s  be honest about something else. If Trayvon Martin had been a white teenager shot by a black man, this whole situation would not have become a time bomb. The media would not have given the story a fraction of the attention it has. There would be no outrage, no claims of racism or a cover up by the police. All there would be is a family in mourning….alone.

                So let us suspend reality for a moment and take a look at an alternate history of the Trayvon Martin tragedy. Explore for a moment how different this situation might be if Trayvon actually had been a white teenager. As this drama plays out I’ve often wondered about it.

If Trayvon Was White……


There Would Be No Public And Media Outcry– The media lives for controversy. However, it also lives for political correctness. If Trayvon had been white then this story never would have received the attention it has, as previously stated. Much of the time, the media bends over backwards to ensure that  the portrayal of African American ‘crime victim’ be as positive as possible. Political Correctness runs amok.  Further, the Caucasian community would not have been up in arms about it, crying racism and making demands for “Justice” before the whole story became known.  It’s just not how they operate.  The Miami Heat would never wear hoodies as a sign of unity for a slain white teenager. Spike Lee would never tweet the address of the kid’s alleged killer if Trayvon was white. Racism is not a territory exclusive to whites.  There are racist Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and members of every ethnic group and religion. Only the media conveniently forgets this little fact.

Trayvon’s Family Would Not Trademark His Name-  There is no market for apparel bearing the name of a slain white teenager.

The Black Panther Party Would Not Offer A $1,000,000 Bounty For The ‘Capture’ Of Trayvon’s Shooter- They’d probably host a block party and make the shooter the guest of honor. New packaging or not, the Black Panthers are every bit as racist as the Ku Klux Klan.

No Mention Of This Tragedy By Obama- Because if Trayvon had been white, then he wouldn’t look like the President’s son.


Rev.Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson Would Be Nowhere In Sight– Because to them, justice only applies to black crime victims. And there is no publicity to be gained, or opportunity to exploit when white teenagers are gunned down. 

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