Who Will Replace Brinker? Commissioner Kern Part Deux?

Bruce Brinker is barely in the ground and speculation is high concerning who will replace him. To be honest, I have not read the Board rules about member replacement in the event of a death, but it’s safe to assume that there will be an election for the open slot at some point between now and November.

Kyle Kern’s name is cropping up in circles around Whitehall. It’s not outside the realm of possibility that he could use the untimely demise of Brinker to engineer a political comeback. We have to stay alert to that chance.

In any case, whoever replaces Bruce Brinker will not measure up to the man. Brinker did have Whitehall’s interests in mind while he was on the commission. He cared about the town and the people in it. In fact, I believe he was the only commissioner to put Whitehall first.

Now he is gone.

Now Whitehall residents are truly screwed.

Expect a tax hike by October.

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5 Responses to Who Will Replace Brinker? Commissioner Kern Part Deux?

  1. Pete Hamdun says:

    Applications to fill the Commission spot left by Brinker will be accepted until April 30

  2. Zephyr Nation says:

    I hope KK runs again. He has a lot of supporters who want a man of integrity back on the Commission.

  3. Oh God Not Kern Again says:


  4. Quinn Mieczinetzk says:

    Why do you always start trouble with your posts?

  5. Frankie Coffeecake says:

    Kern is coming back. Put money on it. The town is mourning Brinker but I bet Kern is dancing and salivating.

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