Linda Snyder Takes A Stand

Monday night the Board of Commissioners approved a plan to rejuvenate MacArthur Road and make the area around Rt.22 more palatable to the eye. Great idea, that area has needed an enema and a makeover for a long time. Linda Snyder isn’t big on the plan. She was vocal in her opposition to the plan. I agree that the specific details are scant. I’m not one to frequently support anything she backs, but in this case she is right.

Mayor “Hozbollah” Hozza is for the plan. He believes Whitehall must be made into a “vibrant community” once again. He’s right. The plan he wants seems like window dressing though. New street signs, walkways, trails…eye candy more or less. And that doesn’t take into account the finances of the deal. There was little mention of what the final costs would be or where the money would come from. Like lemmings, the Commission went along with the plan, except for Snyder who wants to know more.

Good for her! It’s about time someone takes a stand over at the Township Building

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13 Responses to Linda Snyder Takes A Stand

  1. MotoMan says:

    I often wonder why the people that post on this board complain about Whitehall don’t just move. You have the opportunity to yet you come on a board to complain about it anonymously and don’t bother to go to meetings.

    • Grape Street Walker says:

      Complaining on here gets more attention than at meetings. The board will pooh pooh you and pat your head. Bitch about them here and they see it, and so do others around Whitehall. People see that we’re not happy with our town leaders

    • Shannon Moyer says:

      Last year I went to a board meeting and complained about my taxes going up to cover township employee salary raises. The next week I was pulled over FOUR times for petty reasons. No thanks, I’ll stay anonymous.

    • Brooklyn Transplant says:

      Why don’t you move, you local yokel?

  2. Hey Art, are you on 4th Street or 5th? LOL

  3. Let's Hear It For New York says:

    An Atomic Bomb is the only thing that can beautify MacArthur Road. It’s a shit box and the people who live down past 22 are trash.

  4. Broadway Bill says:

    MacArthur Road is dead already. Fill in the pot holes and sell it to Allentown

  5. Big Beaked Wife says:

    Brinker is dead. Snyder is a liar.We need Kern back!!

  6. Bronco Nagurski says:

    The best way to make Whitehall a nice town is to boot out all the stupid inbreds who just want to drink beer and watch high school sports.

  7. Art On 5th says:

    Good way to honor Brinker, cramming home a plan like this on the eve of his funeral. Schmucks in Whitehall

  8. Lynn Turner says:

    Don’t get excited, Jim. Snyder usually has her head so far up Hozzbollah’s butt it’s pathetic. She’s just playing a role.

  9. Brooklyn Transplant says:

    Nothing can make this town better. Just take it down and start new.

  10. Snyder Is Right says:

    Too little too late. Hozza’s supporting a plan that’s a joke and will cost the taxpayers a pretty penny. Snyder did the right thing.

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