Whitehall Welcomes Home A True Hero Today

Today a true Whitehall hero returns home. He’s not some washed up former Zephyr basketball hero turned attention whore, or some sordid politician looking to expand his or her influence. The man I refer to is Whitehall native Sgt. Adam Keys, US Army. Keys was wounded when a roadside bomb went off underneath the convoy he was riding in. Keys’ lost three limbs in the attack and has endured intense physical therapy and numerous medical procedures during his recovery. The same attack claimed the life of Keys’ best friend and Whitehall native Spc. Jesse Reed.
Keys will be escorted to Cementon Park by the Warriors Watch Riders where his friends and family will meet him. His arrival is scheduled for 1 PM today. I hope all of you who are able to, decide to go out and say thank you to this young man.

Keys and Reed are the absolute best that Whitehall have to offer. Men like these are our pride and joy. The aren’t high school basketball heroes, they are American heroes.

Please come welcome Keys home today.

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20 Responses to Whitehall Welcomes Home A True Hero Today

  1. CCHS BBall #45 says:

    God Bless Adam Keys. He deserves more recognition than some jerk basketball coach or two bit politician.

  2. D&B Is Laying People Off Soon says:

    This Dunn and Bradstreet worker salute Sergeant Keys and applaud his service. Welcome home, son.

  3. Lou says:

    Kern is as much a hero as anyone who wore a uniform. It was really nice when you d-bags were gone and didn’t cause trouble. Now you’re back and denegrating good people because they’re better than you.

  4. Art On 5th says:

    I saw Commissioner Kern there today. Well actually, I saw his wife’s big nose from the other side of the park. He was there probably scoring points and getting ready to take over for Brinker. His application is in.

  5. Brooklyn Transplant says:

    Brooklyn remembers heroes. Whitehall remembers high school sports has-beens.

  6. George Goetz says:

    From what you say I don’t think whitehall appreciates American soldiers. Bring Sgt Keys to Virginia. We love and respect our heroes here, son.

  7. Proud of Whitehall says:

    Hats off to Mayor Hozza and the Township for dedicating 7th Street as Jesse Reed Way. Every time I pass, I am reminded of Jesse, Adam, and other Vets from Whitehall who gave their all.

    It is also fitting to see the American Legion bench that has been dedicated for some time on the Ironton Rail Trail. They are great reminders of great men and women who served this Country.

    • Brooklyn Transplant says:

      Yeah it’s refreshing. Beats the hell out of benches bought by politicians.

      • Proud of Whitehall says:

        There are approximately 50 benches/other erected structures dedicated on the rail trail. Shame on you and the creator of this blog to attack two children for your own selfish reasons.

        This blog will ALWAYS be known for its attack on a family and the two children they lost. Back to Brooklyn.

        • Time to put my two cents in here. This blog did not attack two children. This blog has not attacked anybody. If you do not agree with my opinion on how certain benches were obtained on the IRT, that’s fine. But don’t put your foot in your mouth and claim that I did something that I did not. Commissioner Kern was not a very good commissioner. That is what I had an issue with. Last summer when he was a public figure I questioned the motives behind the bench with his children’s names on it, and how it came about.

          Yesterday a real Whitehall hero came home. I hope his best friend…who died in action and is also a Whitehall native….is given his own bench as an honor. In fact the entire trail should be named after Jesse Reed.

          • Proud of Whitehall says:

            A street was dedicated in memory of Reed a Whitehall family purchased the flags. Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and dedicate a bench.

            You absolutely did start this blog attacking two children who passed. No if ands or buts about it! Maybe it was a basketball grudge or maybe a neighbor grudge. It doesn not really matter to good people of Whitehall. It is immoral, unethical and a not characteristic of the fine people that live here in Whitehall.

            This blog is nothing more than a Hate Blog.
            Just reading back a few post, you are poorly educated on issues.

            Good bless the Reed and Keys family. God bless the Kern family too.

            • Basketball grudge- no. Neighbor grudge- no. Was Kern a horrible commissioner- Yep. That’s where my issue was. He used his image to get elected and when he was on board it quickly became painfully obvious that Kern was not up for the job. In fact he wasn’t up for the job of coaching either, but this blog is about Whitehall, not Allentown.

              The fact of the matter is that this blog’s original intent was to help people become aware of Commissioner Kyle Kern’s record and the job he was doing at the township building. CACK did not want Kern to be re-elected in November 2011 and worked towards that.
              Kern decided not run for re-election last year.

              You’re probably one of the simpletons who got all riled up over that pot bellied pig last year. It’s ignorant people like you that are holding Whitehall back.

            • Bronco Nagurski says:

              Kyle Kern in disguise?

            • Brooklyn Transplant says:

              Here we go again. Another one of Kern’s minions here to start trouble. Why don’t you go eat some yoccos hotdogs and watch a high school football game, Proud? Let the adults stay here and talk about big boy stuff.

            • Grape Street Walker says:

              Jim did not bash or hate on children. He called Kern out and asked pointedly whether or not there was special treatment given with Kern’s bench on the IRT. Why did you wait until now to bring this up?

        • CCHS BBall #45 says:

          Whitehall will always be known as the town that was gutted by incompetent, greedy commissioners, and the voters who stood by and let it happen

        • Brooklyn Transplant says:

          You’re proud of Whitehall? You must be Hozza’s brother or Kern’s barber. There’s NOTHING to be proud of here except some old trophies in the display case at the high school and NOBODY cares about them except the local retards. Time is passing Whitehall by.

  8. Zephyr Mom says:

    I agree. Adam Keys is a real hero. Someone who has made a big sacrifice for his country. Few people in town gov’t can say they did the same

  9. Tom Moyer says:

    Welcome home Sergeant. God Bless America!

  10. Grape Street Walker says:

    Tons of Whitehall politicians are at Cementon park working the crowd. I see the Commissioners and Hozza is trying to make like he loves his country.

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