My Application For Township Commissioner Has Been Submitted & Second Annual Money Bench Protest In The Works

Bruce Brinker’s successor will be chosen by the Board members. They will review the applications submitted by residents who want to fill the vacant seat. This is not quite democracy in action. The guidelines have to be overhauled so that the town’s voters have the final say about who succeeds Brinker, not the Board. Be that as it may, this is Whitehall and things are almost always three times more convoluted than they appear.

I feel it’s my duty to submit an application. I know as well as you that my chances of passing Board review are slim. However, having spent the last year and a half railing against this town’s corrupt and immoral political culture, I have to put my money where my mouth is and make an attempt to change the system from the inside. So I downloaded a copy of he application. As I expected, it’s rather basic. That supports my notion that the Board already has somebody in mind for the job and are just going through the motions with this process.

2nd Annual IRT Bench Protest

Last May’s protest of the IRT ‘Money’ Bench was very successful and enjoyable. A second demonstration is in the works for mid-May. CACK is working out the details now, so if you’re interested in lending a hand please email us.

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15 Responses to My Application For Township Commissioner Has Been Submitted & Second Annual Money Bench Protest In The Works

  1. Proud of Whitehall says:

    Got an idea. Let’s have a debate between you and Kern.

    • Kern won’t even join the discussions here and maybe shed some light on everything. This blog has been up for a year and a half. I’d gladly debate him at any time. Kern will not respond to the people here but he had no problem harassing a guy who wrote something negative about him on an MCall message board. He got the guy’s email from a friend at the paper and harassed him for a while. That’s the character of the Kyle Kern you defend.

      • Proud of Whitehall says:

        Well, looks like 10 candidates for commissioner and none of them are named Jim. Why would Kern debate you or anyone else on this blog as it lacks credibility.

        If you feel it is your public duty to run commissioner, then announce yourself. Why do you hide behind this anonymous blog of misinformation?

        Since you are so hung up on the dozens of benches dedicated on the IRT and frequently reference basketball, maybe you appropriately fit the description of Benchwarmer.

  2. Proud of Whitehall says:

    Way to protest a memorial bench to Children again. The core value of this blog. Which of the 50+ memorialize items along the trail do you plan protest this year?

    • The circumstances behind the bench are a little questionable. The bench was dedicated just as Kern was beginning his campaign for a commissioner’s seat. That bench certainly helped him at the ballot box. I’d like to know the truth behind this particular bench.

      This year we’re protesting the ‘Money Bench’ once more.

  3. Ed Wojcik says:

    How democratic is it for a commissioner to earn a place on the board by filing an application. Whitehall has some answering to do. Who makes the final determination? Who heads up the interview process? This smacks of political tampering.

  4. Brooklyn Transplant says:

    Jim For Commissioner! You’re not a high school sports legend or a basketball coach but you’d kick some ass in office!

  5. Zephyr Mom says:

    Who’s the new idiot defending Kern? Lou under another name?

  6. Art On 4th says:

    You’re right, the board has already picked a replacement. I think it’s Kern, honestly. The application is a smokescreen. Snyder doesn’t want to rock the boat with anyone new

  7. Grape Street Walker says:

    I’m up for another demonstration at the Money Bench. Let me know when.

  8. Victor Corman says:

    Bin Laden had a better chance of becoming Pope then you have of being a commissioner in this town LOL Wait for the next election cycle Jim, and jump on board. I’d vote for you

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