Hey Coplay! You’re About To Lose Your Library

It’s a good thing that most Coplay residents are illiterate and/or ignorant. Otherwise, there might be a public outcry at the fact that the Coplay Library is two tiny steps away from going down the tubes. The annual funding grant handed out to the library by the Whitehall-Coplay school district has all but vanished. In fairness, Whitehall Library lost a large amount of it’s funding from the school district too. However, Whitehall library found another source of funding. Coplay’s embattled library has not. Like the majority of the borough’s citizens, Coplay’s library seems content to sit back and await a handout instead of handling the matter on it’s own.
Well, to be fair the library is holding a spaghetti dinner this Saturday night at St Peters Church in the hopes of earning some money. Wow! Cold noodles, jarred spaghetti sauce and microwaved garlic bread for $7!! I’m so there.
If they were truly serious about earning money, the Coplay Library would hold a keg party at the Sangerbund. The whole friggin’ borough would turn out for that! Again, this is Coplay we’re talking about. Close down the library and no one will care. Close down the Sangerbund or any of the other watering holes and there will be riots in the street!

This is a prime example of the decline that Coplay is currently in. The way things are going, the borough is making Whitehall look like Beverly Hills.

Too Bad Reading And Education Don’t Taste Better In Coplay!

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4 Responses to Hey Coplay! You’re About To Lose Your Library

  1. Lew Gruppo says:

    Look who slithered out from underneath a rock. The troublemaker. I saw your name on the applicant list. There is NO WAY IN HELL you will EVER hold a position in Whitehall so just pack up your crap, leave Kern alone, stop traumatizing Whitehall and LEAVE!!!

  2. Bob Owziks says:

    Don’t insult unless you live here. Stay in Whitehall, trash.

  3. Art On 4th says:

    LMAO You said Coplay residents can’t read!!!!!

  4. Proud To Be A Coplay Citizen says:

    Your article is both insulting and indignant! How dare you judge the people who live here. We are upset about the library and are doing what we can to stop it from closing. Talk to the people in Whitehall who cut off the funding. Coplay is a nice town and the people who live here are hard workers. You idiots in Whitehall are the drunks

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