Historic Whitehall Photo…….Caption Needed

Insert Caption Here

A ‘historic’ photo from the 1982 Whitehall boys basketball team championship season. My creativity has failed me today so I’m asking all of you to submit your own captions for the photo. Yes, that is former Whitehall Commissioner Kyle Kern in the picture. Be tasteful. Overly crude or insensitive comments will be deleted.


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12 Responses to Historic Whitehall Photo…….Caption Needed

  1. Jack Flap says:

    I’ve Got The Power….Realty!!!

  2. Art On 4th says:

    Oh my God, my dog just fell off the ceiling! I’ll save you Charley!!!!!!

  3. Burgermeister Sid says:


  4. Grape Street Walker says:

    Ohh!!! I think I got my first boner! Yippeee!!!!

  5. Brooklyn Transplant says:

    Thirty years from now nobody will even remember how stupid I look in this picture. It’ll be ancient history!

  6. Deagle 6 says:

    Whitehall basketball star Kyle “Kinetic” Kern shatters his personal best with a vertical leap of 7 inches!

  7. Bronco Nagurski says:

    Mediocrity…is just out of his reach

  8. Abe Sawchanski says:

    Praise Jesus!!!!!

  9. Joe Weiss says:

    I am special! I reach for the stars

  10. Frank On Eberhart says:

    The Winning Shot of the 1982 Special Olympics basketball championship

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