Operation Ban The Bench 2012 Set For May 20th

Operation Ban The Bench will be taking place on May 20th, 2012 at 9 AM. Plans are being worked out now, but we will be meeting at the Chestnut St Entrance to the trail and begin our walk there. For those not familiar with Ban The Bench, this is an annual protest against the politicization of the Ironton Rail Trail. Specifically, the use of the memorial benches on the trail as political tools. Last year we had a successful protest and fairly large turnout. Hopefully, we can repeat that this year. More info to come!

Bench or political tool?

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4 Responses to Operation Ban The Bench 2012 Set For May 20th

  1. Bill Turnbull says:

    In that case you should go walk somewhere else. No funding and you can kiss this rail trail good-bye. Rail to Trails Trails to subdivisions. How do you feel about that prospect.
    Everything is political. If you don’t like than raise some money yourself. Breast Cancer awareness does not find a cure the same way that you your awareness walk will not fund this park.

    Sorry to be so direct.

    • Brooklyn Transplant says:

      Politics runs everything. But if we go out and protest, at least they know we’re not happy with them and maybe it’ll embarrass them a bit.

  2. Francis On Mickley says:

    The Kern Bench. $$$$ equals memorial

  3. Slick Willy On 7th says:

    Hey! Hey! Ho! Ho! The Money Bench Has Got To Go!!

    Great memories from last year. Looking forward to the next time! !

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