Tomorrow’s “Ban The Money Bench” Protest Is A Go

Tomorrow CACK will hold the second annual “Ban The Money Bench” protest in Whitehall. The day will begin with breakfast at the Whitehall diner at 8AM and from there we will go to the Ironton Rail Traila and spend the morning protesting against the corruption that has mired our town’s politics. The ‘memorial’ benches on the IRT are a prime example of the greed. Some were allegedly given out for large sums of cash. Subsequently, the benches were then used to further political agendas. That’s the story anyhow and in Whitehall, truth is usually stranger than fiction.
If anyone is interested in joining us, please email me at for more information or just come on out and link up with us at the diner or on the IRT. You won’t have a problem identifying us. We’ll be the folks with banners.

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2 Responses to Tomorrow’s “Ban The Money Bench” Protest Is A Go

  1. Brooklyn Transplant says:

    I’m bringing my home made sign: WHITEHALL PA-Where Your Sister Is Your First Girlfriend

  2. Grape Street Walker says:

    See you there tomorrow!

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