Whitehall Needs To Follow The Example Set By Wisconsin. Let’s Recall The Union Lackey On The Council

Wisconsin voters showed the nation last night that they’re not simply a bunch of ignorant, cheese-eating Packer fans. They saw what the unions and Democrats were doing to their state and voted in Scott Walker to reign the unions in. Walker did that and as a reward wound up facing a recall. Last night Walker won the recall race and dealt a large blow to public employee unions and the democrats. Great job, Wisconsin!

In Whitehall last November, voters did the opposite. They voted a union lackey onto the Board of Commissioners. At a time when property taxes are being increased and budgets are dwindling, yet public employee salaries and pensions continue to rise, a majority of Whitehall citizens found the right thing to do was to elect Dennis Hower, a union employee, to the commission. Let’s set the record straight. Hower was not one of the regular union member drones who paid their dues and didn’t care what the union did with his money. He’s a Teamster official…a vice president to be precise. I don’t understand how it could not be considered a conflict of interest to bring someone like this into public office. But then again, this IS Whitehall. Common sense has no place here, especially in township politics.

I’m motivated to act. Dennis Hower should be recalled. Unfortunately, the socialist/communist rules of the Board probably prevent this action from taking place. After all, Whitehall couldn’t even vote for Bruce Brinker’s replacement. He was selected by the Board instead. I will examine the by-laws and see what options there are. However, the time has come to throw out those politicians who put the unions above the rest of the people. Citizens Against Kern is turning it’s sights to Dennis Hower and recalling him from the Township Building.

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4 Responses to Whitehall Needs To Follow The Example Set By Wisconsin. Let’s Recall The Union Lackey On The Council

  1. Brooklyn Transplant says:

    Send me the petition, I’ll sign it with pleasure, Jim.

  2. Aldo Bertucci says:

    Kick Hower out! Our taxes are high enough

  3. Grape Street Walker says:

    Unions are destructive. Especially public employee unions. Get rid of the union cheerleaders on the commission

  4. CitizensagainstHower says:

    Start the petition now and it can be done by November. No union stooges in our township’s political bodies.

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