Woman Kills Man On The Night Before The Wedding……More Proof That Whitehall Is Becoming A Ghetto

This has been a great summer so far. The focus has been on relaxing and enjoying the beautiful weather. It has even been therapeutic to spend some time away from this blog. I’ve been tempted to post from time to time, but resisted the urge. After seeing the headlines on Morning Call this morning, I could not help myself. So, here is a short mid-summer post….

Whitehall is becoming a welfare town populated on one side by trashy people living off the government teat, always with a hand out and not one brain cell in their heads. On the other side of town are the local yokels who have lived here forever, drink beer all day every day, worship high school football and also have less than one brain cell in their heads. The people sandwiched in between are the people like myself; decent people who don’t worship the Zephyrs and want our town to finally move into the 21st Century with dignity. We are most definitely the minority in Whitehall.

The town is gaining national publicity because a welfare hootchie mama killed her fiance on the night before their wedding. Maybe the guy wanted to go to Yoccos for a late night snack and the lady wanted Taco Bell instead. Who knows. She went crazy. I’ve dodged a few ashtrays in my life but my wife has never come at me with a knife.

Hope things improve before the end of the summer. Seems like Whitehall is going to hell faster than I thought.

See you all in September


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