Summer Is Over, This Blog Is Re-Opened

For myself this summer was enjoyable and a time to decompress and relax. Labor Day is over and now it’s time to get back into work mode and blogging mode. A lot has happened this summer. Our fair town has received a healthy dose of national exposure thanks to that crazy fiancee killing her husband on the night before their wedding. And aside from that there is the usual political paralysis and other cute side stories like the gangs of landscapers fighting it out one night in a Whitehall street. 

Oh where to begin!!! 


Either way it’s good to be back. CACK is officially re-opened for business so let’s get to it. 



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One Response to Summer Is Over, This Blog Is Re-Opened

  1. Brooklyn Navtive says:

    Welcome back, Jim! While you were gone Whitehall became even more of a ghetto. The minorities are making tons of trouble and the old native white people just sit around and pretend like everything is okay.

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