Whitehall High School Graduate Wins Medal In The Cripple Olympics

I’m not a very big supporter of olympic style tournaments for retards, paras, amputees or mentally challenged folks of all sorts. I believe that it denigrates the sanctity of the genuine Olympics in many ways. The Special Olympics is a case in point. It changes nothing for the participants. Even if they win they’re still retarded. The para olympics are a notch above and very entertaining. I mean come on, who would not want to watch a bunch of guys running sprints with miniature ski jumps where their lower legs used to be? Entertaining stuff!

All kidding around aside, a local girl won a medal at the Paralympics in London. Noga Nir Kistler won a bronze medal in the 100 meter backstroke. So aside from an interesting first and last name, Mrs. Nir Kistler is also a great athlete. Word has it that she’s an excellent table tennis player aside from being a championship swimmer.

It’s great to see a local girl do well in athletics. To be frank, athletic achievements are about the only thing Whitehall alums are decent at, and get local recognition for. Although Mrs. Nir Kistler no longer resides in Whitehall, we still should all take great pride in her achievement at the Paralympics in London. She did Whitehall proud.

On another sports related note, the Whitehall Zephyrs dropped their first high school football game of the season. 🙂 🙂

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7 Responses to Whitehall High School Graduate Wins Medal In The Cripple Olympics

  1. Idiots! , sorry, TOTAL IDIOTS!
    ya’all idiots come on down to the Allentown ‘Y’ on any Tuesday or Friday & get your ass WHUPPED by a girl in a wheelchair, our Noga
    go to Rodale Aquatic Center@ 5:00am [yeppir, a.m.] [I REPEAT, a.m.] & see how a REAL athlete trains, &, oh, go ahead, jump on in & see if you can keep up w/her [ hey, look, mom, I don’t even HAVE to use my LEGS!]
    hey IDIOTs, betcha she can beat ya in arm wrestling too

  2. Art On 5th says:

    Jim, you’ve been back for a few days and have jumped right in. Stir up the hornets nest more lol

  3. Brooklyn Transplant says:


  4. Denise Ulbricht says:

    Your blog was very offensive to people with developmental disabilities and especially this girl who overcame so much to reach her dream. I hope one day your children end up with developmental disabilities so you can know the pain, asshole!

  5. Noga Hyde says:

    Congratulations Gimp

  6. Grape Street Walker says:

    I don’t know what the big deal is. We have a town full of retards so is it a surprise that one of them was rewarded for being one?

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